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Contrary to popular belief that only women and girls suffer gender-based discrimination, men are also victims too. Although it is common for a woman to suffer stiff discrimination against her gender,  it does not negate the fact that men also suffer discrimination too.

On the day of international men’s day, it is worthy to throw light on some discrimination men tend to suffer. Culturally it is deemed unmanly for a man to complain or nag about issues that affect them. Therefore, it is not strange to see that pertinent issues that affect men are swept under the carpet and unnoticed.

In terms of jobs, some people tend to look down on men who are into jobs that are predominantly dominated by women. Some people go as far as describing such men as ‘sissy’. It is hypocritical on our part to applaud women who venture into male-dominated fields and shame men who do the exact something.

In the beauty sector, the best hairdressers and makeup artist are no longer women! But men who are good at what they do. Same can be said for the field of nursing.


It is widely believed that there are more men who suffer domestic violence than their female counterparts. A lot of violence against men are unreported. As a society, we have constantly shamed those who dared to report such issues. I have witnessed people laugh at men who reported their wives to the authorities after being assaulted. This is a dangerous cultural practice that affects the male gender.

Most people find it hard to believe that men are also victims of sexual assault. Last year, two girls reportedly drugged and sexually assaulted their college mate for days.  When the story broke, most people including other men laughed and undermined the whole story simply because the victims were male. Imagine the outcry assuming the victims were female.


Society cannot continue to advocate for women’s rights whiles throwing the men under the bus. While issues affecting women are important and should be discussed, issues affecting men should equally take a centre stage once in a while.


International Men’s Day has therefore been created to highlight issues affecting men,

Celebrate the positive contribution of men, focus on men’s wellbeing and health, to improve gender relations and also to create a better a safer and better world for men.

Whether male or female, do not contribute negatively to the wellbeing of any man.

Every human being deserves to be treated fairly.


There are definitely men worth celebrating around you. Give them a call to show appreciation for their contribution to your life. Have you wronged any man, call and make amends.

November 19, 2019


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