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Minors who find themselves on the street, living and fending for themselves without any help or guidance, are referred to as street children. Most of these children possibly left home as a result of conflict, poverty, abuse and other challenging issues at home. They tend to go out to the street to make it through any means available to them. These children end up doing unsafe jobs, begging and some even go as far as stealing.
Street children are exposed to various dangers on the street out there, being that most of them are minors and can be easily convinced to take decisions that will affect them in the future. Those who are able to take positive decisions or influenced positively are a handful. Some of the problems they are confronted with include hunger because there is no caretaker to ensure whether they have eaten or not, and also they don’t have money to buy food for themselves; exposure to dangerous people such as rapists/ pedophiles, and other bad people who can influence these children negatively.
On the street, there is no access to healthy food or no access to food at all. Therefore the right to food of street children is infringed on, they tend to eat whatever comes their way whether healthy or not. Not getting food to eat leads some of them to begging and even petty theft since they are not working. In situations where they get food to eat, they don’t benefit from a balanced diet, because they have to eat what they get whether it is good or not. This happens as a result of hunger, since there is no job for them to earn a living from. They end up suffering from malnutrition and growth problems.

The health of children growing up on streets is strongly compromised. There is no proper sanitary facilities and also no monitoring of personal hygiene, which exposes them to dangerous diseases. Without a family, they tend to take care of themselves, which they cannot do properly.
These children are also exposed to other factors that affect their health. These include bad influence from fellow mates to smoke and drink harmful substances which can deteriorate their health conditions. Unfortunately, these very hard living conditions, have a negative impact not only on their physical and psychosocial development, but also on their cultural and economic development.
As part of the rights that these children are denied include that to education, they don’t get to be enrolled in school because they are not under anyone’s care. Therefore they don’t get equal opportunities as other children who are in school. Some of these children have the tendency to excel when given the chance, but they are not exposed to a platform to showcase their intellect. As a result they are not able to get any job because they have no academic or professional qualification to help them secure one.
Street children are usually stigmatized and being discriminated against, because they are always not properly dressed and unkempt. But these children need our help and support in that it is not totally their fault that they ended up on the streets. There should be parents and other family members responsible for their upkeep and monitoring. So where are these people whilst the children are wandering about without care?
All these children on the street have their personal reason for being there or running away from home. Support can be given by connecting them to the right institutions in the society who give aid to those in these kind of situations.

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August 17, 2017


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