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I have often wondered if the love of money is truly the root of all evil like we have been made to believe all our lives.  If money is truly the root all of evil why do we wake up every morning in constant pursuit of it?

Indeed if the above statement is true, then why do we find ourselves wanting more and more of it on a daily basis? This mindset about money is untrue, but society has allowed it to fester for far too long. Elsewhere in other parts of the world, the love of money inspires people to work hard and to chase their dreams.

 The quality of life a person leads sometimes depends on how much money they have. Thus, one risks being deprived of enjoyable life amenities such as better health care, education and shelter when one lacks money.

 It makes life better, enjoyable and easy for people who have it in abundance. The notion that money is the root of all evil has made some people lazy and unwilling to aspire for great things in life. I believe if a person has a healthy appetite for money, then they will be willing to do what it takes to acquire it for themselves and their family.

While it is true that money may have motivated people to engage in criminal activities we can’t say the love of money is a bad thing.  People will engage in criminalities regardless of their love for money.

Even if money didn’t exist people will find other motivation to do whatever they want to do.  Therefore, instead of advocating for people not to love money because it is the root of all evil,  encourage people to aspire to work hard in order to acquire wealth for themselves.

Just the other day I saw wedding pictures of a famous Ghanaian family go viral because of the amount of money perceived to have been spent on the wedding.

People were amazed at the pomp and pageantry displayed at the wedding, thus shared and reposted pictures on their timelines. Most people “tapped” into their blessings and desired to fall into such fortune.

Instead of tapping into their blessing, work hard to create a fortune for yourself and your family. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having money period! Make as much money as you can.


February 27, 2020


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