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It is not only the teacher’s duty to ensure my child performs well

It is the duty of my children’s teachers to teach them and help them perform well academically. As part of my duty as a mother, I also contribute to ensure my children excel in school. There are a number of things I do as a parent to ensure my children don’t only excel but also put up good behaviour when I am not around.
My children come home with home works, and even though they have been taught the content, I still ensure I guide them to do the work and inspect all of it before we pack the books back in their bags. After the homework, I see to it that they revise what they were taught in school that day. This is to make them not forget what they were taught, and avoid rushing to learn everything at the end of the term. It is sometimes tiring but that is what I can do to assist them do the right thing before the assignment is submitted.
A way to get them refreshed for school every morning is to let them go to bed early. At school, they play a lot during their break, and have about four different periods in a day. By the end of the day, they get tired, and what they need is rest. Some children will tell you they are not sleepy but they need it, the latest I put my children to bed is 8:00pm. This is what helps them to wake up as early as 5:00am and get ready for school.
It is good to do periodic checks with your child’s teacher on their performance. I visit the school unannounced during school hours to check on my children while they are in class. I also check their class works to see how they perform when they do class exercises without my guidance. I make sure this is done at least twice in a term.
All these efforts I’m putting in to assist my children cannot be done by their teachers solely. The teachers’ duty to teach minus my efforts will only make my children average students. But when my effort helps them to be the brilliant students they are supposed to be.

August 24, 2017

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