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It’s world teachers day

World Teacher’s Day
Growing up teachers are usually your least favorite people. Unless you want to be a teacher, then forgive my observation .
They give you tons and tons of work. From the classwork to homework to surprise tests to examinations . Not to forget the abundance of notes. We get that you are trying to shape us into responsible intellectuals, but honestly I’m pretty sure there are less stressful ways. My least favorite part was the surprise test, sure I’m aware I just learnt a new topic but come on, I’m studying 8 other subjects and I may not have gotten round to reading yesterday’s notes. Though I mean if you’re quite a fast reader and you pay attention during lessons. Those five minutes before the teacher gets to the class you can skim through the notes and make a fair 70 percent on your test.
It’s somewhat odd that when students are asked what they want to be, you hardly get someone to mention being a teacher. But I mean , we can’t be whatever we want to be if we aren’t taught, so come on. They deserve more than we commend them for. Aside the fact that they teach us, they shape our characters too. The older ones say the corporal punishment really helped. Well they may be right but seeing as I’ve never been caned, I wouldn’t know.
You don’t always remember all the teachers. Usually you remember those who gave you a time so tough you thought they’d been sent to torment you.And there are those whose lessons you looked Forward too. That teacher for me was Mr. Ashidam . My pre-techinal skills teacher. No he wasn’t my favorite because I wanted to be an architect or an engineer. Not even close. He was my favorite because he was different. Mr. Ashidam was a pretty kind man. Pre-tech wasn’t an easy subject. The drawings , perspective, orthographic, pictorial. The notes . The fun part was the practicals! Joint making,Brick making n Metal filing it was the whole experience. What made Mr. Ashidam stand out was his calm nature. He had the largest elective class my year, with a student population of 43. Boy were we noisy! He was never the type to shout hysterically and punish unforgivably. Nope. That was what made making noise difficult. He rarely got angry, even though we were more than a handful. But when we went overboard he put us in our place with his words. Nothing outrageous or loud. Short, simple, thought provoking speeches. The fact that he didn’t raise his voice or punish you is what makes you feel bad for your actions and pushes you to deter. Mr. Ashidam taught us and taught us well. Even with the surprise tests, yes my least favorite, his lessons were so fun and involving that we paid so much attention even without skimming through the notes last minute you could answer the fairly difficult questions . He made us feel at ease in his class, not in the sense that there was no respect. There was plenty of respect but no unnecessary fear. He was like a father To us technical students. He made us laugh a lot along the journey of learning, he advised us a lot too, outside his academic duties. His charming character and knowledge impacting attitude has him imprinted in our minds. I can’t speak for the whole class. But for me, his thoughtfulness remains in my memory. Teachers are Co-parents and academic guardians. At least for this day, they should be well-respected for all they face.

August 17, 2017

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