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I think it is safe to say that children, adolescents, teenagers and young adults have not suffered as severely from Covid-19 as much as the older folks have in Ghana. I also believe that this feeling has kept people within the “safe” ages mentioned above, going on with their lives as if nothing has happened.

I know about ten people within this age bracket who have tested positive for covid-19. Although they were unwell and life had to come to a standstill for them, none of them have been in a critical condition. This is in sharp contrast to the age bracket between 50 and above. Almost all the adults I know or have listened to their accounts post- covid have been brutal; I mean they were ill. As we all know, most of them lost their lives and in cases where they did not bow out, they continue to face post- covid illnesses.

This is obviously because of their age and some underlying conditions persons within the “unsafe’ bracket may have. Although I fall within the “safe” bracket and could have attended the many events that were still going on before the recent restrictions were put in place by the President of Ghana, I was not attending many of these events because of my parents-they fall within the “unsafe” bracket.

A couple I know are currently in critical condition in one of the major hospitals in the country. The couple got infected through their son, who admits that he did a lot of partying over the Christmas period. Although their son is still infected, he only has some headaches and fever and is not in critical condition at all. However, knowing how much pain his parents are in and how much money is being spent on their treatment coupled with the fact that if care is not taken, they may kick the bucket, he is emotionally unstable; he regrets attending all those events.

Yes, most young people are fairly healthy and can battle covid-19 in some ways but rather than bank on that to go on with business as usual, why don’t we impose our own restrictions for the sake of our dear parents.

Yes, we can still attend small gatherings of 25 people but do we need to even attend when we have parents who can be badly hit through us should we get infected?

A lot of adults have not stepped out since covid hit Ghana in March but they have unfortunately, been hit by the virus. In most cases, it has been through their younger folk.

What if we impose our personal lockdowns in cases where possible so we can save our parents?

What if we discourage our friends from holding physical events and go back to the cool virtual ones we did over the lockdown period last year?

What if we save ourselves the emotional drama by staying home?

It will not be that boring thanks to technology and you know it.

What if we sacrifice so our loved ones can live?

Undeniably, some people within the “unsafe” bracket are being reckless too. But what if we talk to our parents not to follow or attend such events?

 I believe in time, knowing that there will be no guests at certain functions, no matter how much promise is made to adhere to protocols and restrictions, people will no longer hold any gathering.

What if we woke up tomorrow to the news that covid is no more with us? Of course, we will be super excited! But realistically, is that looking possible to you?

Like it has been said severally, “the virus moves when we move and stops when we do”.

February 9, 2021


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