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Our attitudes towards unfortunate situations can affect how we go through those situations.

Before this time, we have been living a very fast life until Covid-19 reared its head into our lives. We can decide to see it as a blessing in disguise, although its effects seem threatening.

A blessing in disguise? How possible?

So we have heard that we are to strengthen our immune systems as well as take hygiene seriously to fight off this virus. While we prioritise vitamins in moments like this, let’s also consider what good healthy eating habits can do for our bodies, especially children.

Activities have slowed down, kids who are supposed to be in school are at home, parents’ movements are now limited. The family unit is finally whole again.

Parents are not rushing off and kids are not waking up at 5 am to rush through bath times and go to school

. Shout out to the porridge sellers on the street who didn’t know that they have been saving lives because it is much easier and less time consuming to buy porridge.

 Healthy meal options for children is a must and should not be taken lightly. Thus, If they must go through the day with enough energy and be in good spirits, they must get a good start. The out-of-school period for the children could lead to children cultivating unhealthy eating habits such as feasting on snacks and carbonated drinks.

Now is an opportunity to switch up the diet of our children, especially breakfast. Although it is difficult to get children to try new things the best time to get them to do so is now. Oh, how they become so excited when you tell them they will be strong like their favourite superhero characters.


When they put up any resistance convince them with the fact that such meals will make them healthy. To enrich their diets,  parents can consider healthier breakfast options such as tom brown, Fonio among others.

For instance, for this morning’s breakfast, I have decided to give my kids Fonio. Though I haven’t tried it before, I’ve read extensively on it.  It has lots of nutritional value for children of all ages.

Nutritional Benefits Of Fonio.

 My children were not happy about my choice of breakfast and were reluctant to try it. I told them not to worry and that they would enjoy it. When it was ready, I encouraged them to try it while telling them how healthy the meal was for them.

They told me it wasn’t nice but I had to convince them because really, the taste wasn’t bad. They had Fonio for breakfast. Yay!

Let’s see the opportunity in this season and make the best out of it and raise healthy eaters.


PS: Fonio is a two-term cultivated grass that is a notable crop in parts of West Africa. They are millets with small grains. Fonio is nutritious with a favourable taste. It is consumed mainly in West African countries, where it is also cultivated.



By B.M


March 27, 2020

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