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Know What Kind of Learners Your Students Are

Do you know what kind of learners your students are? Knowing the types they are helps you teach them better using the learning method they are comfortable with. Knowing this also helps you incorporate the different approaches in dealing with them.

These are the 9 general types of learners:

  1. VISUAL LEARNER: Learn by seeing
  2. KINESTHETIC- Learn by action
  3. AUDITORY – Learn by hearing
  4. STRESS- Learn what stresses them
  5. EASE- Learn what relaxes them
  6. SCRIBBLE- Learn what they note down
  7. TRUST- Learn from an authority
  8. TEACH – Learn by teaching others
  9. COPY- Learn what they can copy.

The class is full of different people who will have different learning methods, so here are some tips on how to satisfy all your students:

  1. You can use various presentation styles to help your students understand the information and to offer a range of response pathways to improve learning and its outcomes.
  2. You can present things to be learned with hands-on techniques like demonstrations, posters, graphics, banners etc.
  3. You can also provide various exercises and allow your students to choose which ones to solve. This will help you identify which type of questions your students are most comfortable with.




August 2, 2018

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