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Knowing Your Ideal Love Language


 Sometime back I chanced upon the book,  Love Languages and I was intrigued by the heading. I read it and took the test that came with it, and a few things I picked from the book are ;

1. There are five kinds of love languages : physical touch, words of affirmation, quality time, acts of service and gifts
2. A person can have one or more love language.
3. For a person to feel loved you must speak in their love language.
4. It’s a two-way thing. To feel loved you must show love.
5. It takes hard word to make any love relationship work.

To get the most from a relationship you must be able to speak in your partner’s love language. Example, for a person whose love language is acts of service, offering to help her with a project or assignment will be appreciated much more than buying her a gift on a random day.  I’m not saying she won’t appreciate a gift, it’s just that she will appreciate the gesture of help much more than a gift. People tend to trust more and love more when their spouse or partner speaks in their love language. And when your partner makes you happy, you also find ways of making them happy.
Not everyone can identify your love language and manifest it (for luck of a better word) as soon as they know it. For example , for a gentleman who didn’t grow up in a family where hugs, holding of hands and pats on the back were expressing his love to a woman whose love language is physical touch may be a bit difficult. That’s why it’s important to learn when you realize you lack in that particular language.. good things don’t come easy but by practice he will get better at it.

All the best in identifying and practicing your love language
August 24, 2017

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