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The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires. William Arthur Ward

I come from a long line of teachers; almost every family member I know is a teacher. It is no wonder I took the same path when the time came for me to choose a career path. After graduating from the teacher’s training college, I waited patiently for my first post as a teacher. I counted down and daydreamed of starting my career at one of the big schools in Accra. This is because all my friends and family lived in Accra, and I desired to stay connected to them.

To my shock, I found out that I had been posted to a remote town in the Eastern Region with no running water or electricity.  I was distraught at the thought leaving Accra for a remote place without basic amenities. ‘’How was I going to survive without running water or electricity’’? I asked myself.  I had lived my whole life in Accra and was content with my life in the city. I felt I was heading for a disaster.

In my desire to change the posting, I wrote countless letters to the Ghana Education Service requesting a change of post.  I was denied a reposting and was asked to report to my assigned post immediately without any delay. I had made up my mind to quit teaching for and seek other opportunities elsewhere. But, my mother encouraged me to accept where I have been posted and make lemonades out of it. She told me to visit the town to see things for myself and not take decisions based on second- hand information.

I paid a visit to my assigned community and found out that the place was worse than I had imagined. The school was in a deplorable state without any teaching aids. Some of the classrooms had leaking roofs and damaged doors. I was shocked at what I saw and couldn’t believe my eyes. I wondered how students were able to learn anything in such a condition.  On my way back home, I realized how selfish and entitled I have been all along and decided I was going to do something about the school.

When I got back, I rallied all my friends and mounted a campaign in support of seeking funds for the rehabilitation of the school. I  created posts and shared to all my social media platforms and invited my friends to reshare. At the end of the campaign, people pledge money, time and expertise to help fix the school. Others donated learning aids and school supplies. The campaign was a huge success, everyone was proud of what I did.  I learned a lesson that I don’t always have to run away from a bad situation and that I can make a change if I want to. At that moment, I realized, I was on my way to becoming a great teacher who will inspire change in her students.

October 4, 2019


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