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On  March,12th 2020, I received an email from my professor which read, “Sorry everyone,  due to unforeseen circumstances I will skype into class today”. I thought to myself and said,  if only I could also Skype into class this week like my professor, then I wouldn’t have to go to school.

This is because  I was tired from work and schooling the previous week, thus, I didn’t think I could make it to class that day.

Later that day, we received a follow-up email that said, “class was cancelled” and little did I know teleconferencing into class was going to be the order of the day for the rest of the month.

Fast forward to April 2, 2020, we had still not gone back to school and I was home with my sister, as a result of the lockdown. Although studying from home is nice and fun, I miss my previous academic and social life.

This year is my final year in graduate school and I had so many plans for the last days of class, but coronavirus is trying to outshine that moment of glory. I would have to stay indoors and reflect on my two-year journey instead.

  The lockdown has made realize the difference between being taught via technology and in person.  Being taught in person allows one to ask questions and clarifications and have human interaction with others, unlike studying online.

Especially for students around the world who may not have family living with them and are on their own during the lockdown. I feel thankful that I get to spend this moment with my sister, with whom I share a room with.

Being alone can be very boring, especially when you are expected to stay indoors. Having loved ones around one isn’t always rosy but at-least, there is someone to interact, play games, share ideas or engage in petty squabbles with. Human interaction, therefore, during these times can not be underrated.

For the past weeks, I can count the number of times I have stepped out of the building,  and worn full shoe or socks in these three weeks considering its still winter here. The last time I stepped out was to get groceries and garbage, and that was it.

It’s funny how I look forward to checking the mailbox every day even though I know very well there’s no mail-in there, but it is just a way of escaping from life indoors.


In all of this, I have hope that very soon this pandemic will be a thing of the past. It has not been easy, yet we all need to do this for ourselves and our loved ones. Stay connected via all avenues (mediums) available and also take care.

 This will end very soon and we’ll be looking for opportunities to stay indoors because of the hustle and bustle of our daily activities. Stay put and observe all the approved health directives.

I have learnt to appreciate in-class teachings, group studies and all that I didn’t really like about school previously.


Be safe and stay in touch with one another!

Hearty wishes,


April 6, 2020


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