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Living A Life Minus Depression: Exercise, Rest, Get- Away

Depression, can lead to suicide and suicide is the second leading cause of death among 15- 29 year olds. However, depression can be prevented and treated. Health workers are well equipped to treat the condition when it arises but there are basic things individuals can and must do to prevent depression, especially with all the push and force people go through to make ends meet these days: a typical Ghanaian worker probably leaves the house at 5am and returns after 6pm every weekday. On Saturdays, they are likely to attend one funeral, one engagement and two weddings and climax it with church and after parties of the previous day’s events. There goes a weekend without rest!

Depression can be prevented while symptoms of it can also be improved with exercise, sleep and some unwinding. Sleep is a natural healing remedy for the body, so if you deprive it of some hours of rest, you deprive it of the time it needs to heal. When tired or feeling depressed, exercise often seems to be the last thing to do but it has the power to make a big difference. It has so many calming effects.

To have a well – balanced and healthy life, vacations are not luxuries but necessities which are equally important as exercise, rest and eating well. Getting away or leaving the everyday ado gives breaks from stress and a chance to repair the mind and body leaving it rejuvenated and depression free.

As we observe these, let’s keep talking about the topic. We may save a life!

August 16, 2019

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