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Maame Ekua, The Chef And Creative Director Of Maame’s Pancakes

Maame Ekua, The Chef And Creative Director Of Maame's Pancakes

As part of motivating young people to place premium on education and follow their passions, we tell the story of Maame Ekua, a young lady in her 20s who is doing amazingly well with pancakes. Yes, Pancakes! Maame holds an Mphil in Molecular Biology. Maame draws on the knowledge harnessed from her studies (Primary school to date) and the friends and contacts she has made from school and out of it to make her business profitable.

Maame speaks:

I’m Maame Ekua Acquah and I’m a Molecular biologist and I like to call myself the Chef and Creative director of Maame’s Pancakes.
Maame’s pancakes started sometime in 2010 and helped support me a little bit at the time during broke days in school but it was not large scale and branded.
Six years later, in my mum’s kitchen, I realized I could do so much more with pancakes. The ideas just started to come – how I could fry pancakes at events, the funky things I could do to them – sausage pancakes, pancake ‘cakes’, mini red velvet pancakes, pancake with maple syrup etc.

There are so many challenges I face. Sometimes I get really tired and patronage is low, but God keeps me going. He gives me strength and favour that I just can’t explain and oh! , the smiles from my wonderful clients are worth a million.
I do not do Maame’s Pancakes full time and though there are no physical measurable achievements, I feel we have come a long way. We’re one year plus and we have loads of satisfied customers.
I believe education in every form is important. The knowledge is very relevant and it tells on you when you lack it. I love being a scientist as much as I love making Pancakes and iced tea.

My friends and family (in fact my partners) are my number 2 backbone, God is number one. Sometimes I am awed by the way they are there for me.  From doing designs to be put online, to printing labels for me last minute, taking my pictures for free, paying for every pancake they eat, driving me to events, sharing my every post on social media (@maamespancakes on instagram),  calling to encourage me and so much more, I would not be telling this story without them.

I believe that we can touch the world no matter what you do and thus it is important to get training and education for what you love to do.  Then do it best but most importantly do it your way by applying the knowledge acquired.

August 21, 2017

2 responses on "Maame Ekua, The Chef And Creative Director Of Maame's Pancakes"

  1. Great works, I’m just wowed by your passion Maame. You not only creative but very hardworking and ready to make an impact in life. I just wanna encourage you; no matter the obstacles that may fall on your way, know that, God destined you to be a winner. Keep that passion alive no matter what, and your blessings shall be enormous. God bless and strengthen u always. We your friends are solidly behind you!

  2. Keep rising high Maame. Wish you all the best.

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