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Making The Right Career Choice- Things to Consider

It gets confusing when you are looking for a career path to tow right? Family and Parents normally impose or remind you of how the family lacks a certain professional and why you should fill that gap. They also remind you of how you used to, for example, dismantle and assemble toy cars at the age of three and how that’s typical of engineers.

Other times, you just know that you are to take after your parents’ professions. Others want to do different things that will give them pleasure and money, of course,x but have no idea of what to do. This is partly because they do not know of such jobs. Other times they do but those jobs seem unlucrative or look like the ‘road not taken’. Other reasons are that they are not prestigious enough.

Well, thankfully we are in technological times where information is accessible to everyone so it’s quite difficult to impose without good justification. Here is a list of some jobs that are not well explored in this part of the world that may interest you.

  1. Language Translator
  2. Health and Wellness Educator
  3. Medical Equipment Repairer
  4. Farmer
  5. Upholsterer or Carpenter
  6. Interior Decorator or Painter
  7. Graphic Designer

In case you are surprised to see number 4, 5 and 6 on our list, know that demands have not changed too much. There is only a change in standards and demand for people who perform those roles professionally. You could be that one.

August 2, 2018

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