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My earliest memory as a child was starting Kindergarten at age 3. I was a tinny little girl with a vivid imagination of the world around her. I lived with my grandma at the time because my parents had to work in the city and were too busy to take care of me. To be honest, leaving with my grandma was the happiest moments of my life.

I will never forget wearing my first pair of brown ‘Achimota sandals’ and lacy socks for the first time. The feeling was unimaginable because I lived in an era where you got a new shoe once a year during Christmas. I would occasionally hide in the room when my grandma was not around and wear the shoes and socks like a million times.

This was back in the day when we only drank coke, ate chicken and rice only on Christmas day. One can only imagine how I felt when I got new shoes and socks for simply going to school. I thought to myself,  school must be special for my Nana to spend so much money on new clothing for me.

When my first day at school arrived, I was given a new slate and a white chalk tied neatly in a rubber bag. She put them all together in an old sack bag with a rope so that I can easily hang the bag on my shoulder. I was so excited walking in my shoes and socks. At that moment, I knew how Joseph felt when he wore his coat of many colours for the first time. It was magical I tell you!

Halfway through the day my new friends and I decided to go play outside at break time.  I decided it was only prudent to remove my precious shoes and socks before I make them dirty. I carefully hid them behind the school cupboard and left with my friends.

I returned and my shoes were gone! I wondered who could have dealt me a cruel blow knowing how much I adored my shoes. I was inconsolable and refused to eat my food or play with anyone. Again, like Joseph and his colourful coat,  I felt this must be the handy work of a cruel person who wants to separate me from my shoes.

My shoes were never found but I got a new pair from my parents when they came visiting. To be honest the feeling wasn’t the same with my stolen shoes. It was as though my earlier pair and I were a match made in heaven. I genuinely felt the maker had me in mind when he was making those shoes.  I hated losing my shoes on the first day of school but it’s a day that is ingrained in my mind until this day.  Losing those shoes makes me remember the first day of school like yesterday.



November 20, 2019


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