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Important Parenting Tips to Make Your Children Smarter

It is the desire of every parent to raise a smart kid. Not only does it make you a proud parent, but it goes a long way to have a positive impact on your child’s performance, their sense of judgement and overall perspectives about life. 

The challenge with this is usually on how to raise a smart child, which includes the things you must do to achieve this outcome. There are some simple things you can do. These are 15 parenting tips to help you raise a smarter child. 

1.  Allow your child to ask questions; Answer them gracefully.

2.  Consciously raise them to be confident.

3.  Let them learn on their own. Correct them when they make mistakes.

4.  Allow them to socialise; However, be mindful of the quality of their peer group.

5.  Take them to new places and let them experience new things and meet new people.

6. Do not force them to do things. Instead, explain things to them.

7.  Advice and guide them, do not impose- Do not always impose your decisions on them; Sometimes, let them make personal choices.

8.  Have conversations with them.

9.  Making studying/ learning time fun.

10. Encourage them to read by reading with them. 

11. Cut down on junk and sweets; let them eat healthy meals and be well-nourished.

12. Let them see you doing smart things.

13. Expose them to inspiring and educative TV Programs.

14.  Make sure your child has enough sleep.

15. Teach the child self-discipline.

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August 7, 2019

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