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We understand how stressful parenting can be in the age of technology ; where the child’s best friend is the computer and internet. A parent needs be well informed in order  to recommend ‘friendlier’ and less harmful sites to their young ones. The Seekapor E- Learning Portal is a perfect option.


Albeit having a grasp of the traditional methods of upbringing, a parent needs to also know what new methods are being used to make parenting more efficient and less stressful because of this change in trend.


With our Portal, Parents have access to various resources that will help in nurturing the 21st century child. Parents will discover that the God given responsibility of parenting is not as tedious as it may seem with the right guide through it. Parenting can and should be fun and fulfilling.


The Blogs Section of the portal is also available  for parents to  post simple articles to give tips on parenting or ask questions to be answered by other parents.


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