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The Breast Cancer Awareness Month is marked across the world every October to increase the support for the awareness of the disease, its early detection and treatment.  

Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in women worldwide. It is prevalent among females, nevertheless, men can also have it. Breast cancer develops from breast tissue and signs may include a lump in the breast, dimpling of the skin, a change in breast shape, fluid coming from the nipple, swollen lymph nodes and many others.

Risk factors for the disease include obesity, menopause, a personal history of breast conditions, a lack of physical exercise, alcoholism, hormone replacement therapy, radiation exposure, family history of breast cancer and others. However, it must be noted that having a risk factor does not necessarily mean you will develop breast cancer by hook or crook; some women who develop the disease have no known risk factors. After diagnosis is made, further tests are conducted to determine if the cancer has spread beyond the breast as this will give a sense of direction as to which treatments are most likely to be effective.

Support for breast cancer awareness has facilitated advancement in diagnosis and treatment leading to a better understanding of the disease, early detection and effective approach to treatment disease; this has resulted in an increment in the survival rates.

 It is advisable for women to make lifestyle changes that may help reduce the risk of breast cancer. They can do the following:

  • It is important for every woman to learn breast self-exam. In this way, they can become familiar with their breast and would be able to detect any new change, lumps or other unusual signs in their breasts.
  • Alcohol must be taken in moderation.
  • Maintain a healthy weight through a healthy diet and frequent exercise.

As we are in the month of Breast Cancer Awareness, women are reminded to make regular breast examination a part of their self care as an early detection of the disease can save lives.

Keep the hope alive, find the cure.

October 6, 2020

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