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Please Help, My Daughter Thinks She Is Ready To Be Weaned Off!

 “Mum, you don’t have to remind me. I will be on time, don’t worry”.

-What are you having for breakfast? Aren’t you hungry?

-Don’t worry mum. I will fix something when I am hungry? You worry much. I will eat when I am hungry!

This is just one of the back- and- forth conversations I have with Edith, my eighteen year old daughter and they leave me spell bound and angry. I care that is why I ask all these questions and I don’t want her to make mistakes so I help her to avoid them and that’s why I am there. Well, this last statement is another thing I say that causes disasters. Edith says she needs to make mistakes so she can learn which she believes is the reason why the adage, ‘we learn from our mistakes’ exists: If she doesn’t make mistakes, she doesn’t get to learn. She adds that she has never heard anything like learning under command or by instruction.

Whew! So much for a growing child! Ethel is sixteen and is showing similar mannerism as Edith. I need help. Am I wrong to want the best for my children all the time?

Edith just came back on vacation from the university. She is in first year and I must admit she made excellent grades. That is why I had nothing to say when she said she has been taking care of herself in school and has done a good job. Edith told me about how she wakes up at 5:00am to go jogging, have her quiet time and return in time to catch a shuttle for her 7:30 classes.

She does not only wake up to go for 7am masses on Sundays but also makes it for mid- week services. She doesn’t look malnourished too, I should chip in. She feeds herself and some male friends. I know she wanted to add that she goes out for parties in and out of campus and returns late at night but she didn’t because that will not go in her favour. Never mind, I have seen pictures of such outings on her whatsapp status a couple of times.

I thought parenting will get easier as the children grow but it doesn’t seem like it. I am already tired of hearing ‘I am legal’, ‘I have my rights’, ‘I know to be careful’, ‘and you brought me up well. I won’t let you down’. Am I overreacting? Is it okay to let down my guard? Please help, my daughter thinks she is ready to be weaned off!

June 26, 2019

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