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Post-Mothers Day Thoughts

Every Mothers Day is a display of love, affection and appreciation for mothers. As common in this era, many people took to social media over the weekend to write about their mothers while posting pictures in their honor. The hashtag #mothersday as expected was trending.

While all these are important to some extent, I have some observations and thoughts that I would like to share post-Mothers Day. They are as follows.

1. It is not enough to express appreciation for your mother only on Mothers Day. Remind your mother of your love and appreciation all-year-round.

2. If you only posted your mother’s picture on social media with a ‘Happy Mothers Day message’ attached, without wishing her Happy Mothers Day in person, it was fruitless.

3. If you are a mother, Mothers Day must remind you of the need to make yourself more valuable and work hard to raise good children who will love, appreciate and celebrate you always.

4. Mothers Day would be great if you expressed it with a kind gesture. If you can do something for your mother next year on Mothers Day, it is a good idea. Take your Mothers Day a step further by doing something nice for your mother.

5. Mothers Day is not just limited to your mother. Celebrate all the mother-figures in your life; they deserve acknowledgement.

6. Some people do not have their mothers around. So while celebrating Mothers Day, do not rub it in their face intentionally; try to be moderate and empathize.

7. Finally, with the same passion that you celebrate your mother, use an equal amount of passion to be a better parent.

Mothers are priceless and precious, so it is important to celebrate them as best as we can. That notwithstanding, these are my thoughts on how we can make Mothers Day truly count.

May 13, 2019

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