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Preparing Children For School

Preparing Children For The First Day Of School

When children get to school going ages, it comes with its sad moments, because it’s a transition from being all around their parents to being around people they are not familiar with. But the school can equally be a fun place as home or better. Parents can therefore adopt some strategies to psyche their children’s minds before school starts. These are some ways by which that can be done:

Modern psychology, according to Psychologia does not place a lot of emphasis on these concepts but does not deny that these personality types exist. This notwithstanding, the use of these terms exist scientifically and in everyday usage.

Having said this, it is relevant for the school, parents and teachers to identify the personality type students possess so they are offered guidance. For example, a parent who is able to identify that his child is a sanguine and loves the arts will not force that child into accounting against will. In later articles dealing with children with the various personality types as they grow will be discussed.

  • Visit the School- familiarity with the school will make a huge difference to your child. Going with your child during the term before they enrol will help the child get familiar with the school. So, for this sake, you can visit the school twice or thrice with the child before they start and the school environment will no longer seem new to them. This will also make your child feel comfortable when it is due for them to start because they already know the place.
  • Be available- Whenever it is convenient, a parent should take the child to school. If possible, you can stay till after assembly, then see your ward off to their new life. The same goes for pickup after school, if you are able to, try and get to the school on time. If it is not possible for you to do the pick-up, perhaps a trusted close friend or family member could step in.
  • Sweeten the Deal- negotiations will not be a bad idea especially in this instance. If it makes it easier, get something new for them that will ease the transition into their new status as a school- bound child. New clothes, a special backpack, stuffed toy, new shoes and fancy socks. This can make starting school fun.
  • Meet the teacher- meet your child’s teacher together with your child and encourage your child to say hello. Also ask basic questions about the school and what your child will be doing during their settling period.
  • Start practicing school things with your child in preparation- read out to them books they will use, assist them with colour and shape identification, scribbling, drawing and other basic classroom related activities. This can prepare the child psychologically.

With these few tips, you are sure to save yourself some of the agony of seeing your children cry when starting school.

July 16, 2019

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