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The Private School Dilemma -Band – Aid or Operation?

Suddenly, Private schools across the country have been put under the microscope regarding their IT readiness or otherwise by  COVID – 19, and a number  of them have been found woefully unprepared.

Parents  pay for their children’s education because most of them look at it as a form of investment. In doing so, they allocate a sizeable amount of their income towards paying for the kind of school their children attend. The difference in the types of private schools has been crystallized by this pandemic; where it is business as usual for those with sharp I.T infrastructure and,  ‘oh my, we seem to have a problem here’ , for those with none at all.

Even though the writing has been on the wall for years, some school owners have not found the need to beef up their I.T infrastructure to provide and support remote communication and tuition for various reasons.  Proprietors of Private schools in this category  will now have to look for solutions to make teaching and learning possible in these trying times.

The assumption has been and will always be that people ready to setup schools, do so for the love of teaching and providing education with the satisfaction of seeing  students benefit from the teaching offered. Clearly, if that function of teaching cannot be achieved,  then the school is not providing its  fundamental mandate.

From a financial and revenue generation view point, how do the schools in question  expect parents to pay school fees if the school cannot provide any tuition while the children are at home?  should a refund be considered appropriate in these times? How does the school pay for anything including remuneration for teachers when they are not providing services? 

It seems  like Private  schools are being forced to decide whether to use a Band-Aid,  while praying for social gathering restrictions to be lifted so schools can  reopen or have the Operation of investing in a School Management System which will include everything needed to compete in this fast moving digital age.

April 29, 2020

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