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Tips to Protect your Kids Online

The internet has become a necessity in our work and social interactions, thereby providing a major space to network and find information. 
However, as useful as the internet is, it can equally be unsafe especially with privacy breaches, wrong information, self-harm content among others becoming common. This makes it important to put in measures to ensure a safer use of the internet, especially with regard to minors. The need to make the internet safe for all plays a major role in why a day like Safer Internet Day is marked to draw attention to online safety.  
So, how can you ensure the safety of your kids as they use the internet?  These are six quick tips on how you can protect your child online. 
1. Limit their use of the internet.
2. Explain to them the risks involved in sharing their private information online.
3. Install a mature content filtering software to filter adult content. 
4. Look out for the sites they spend more time on and what they do on those sites.
5. Let them know other productive and useful things they can do on the internet.
6. Have an honest conversation with them about the dark sides of the internet and things they should avoid.

May 15, 2019

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