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Classroom accidents are real and occur even in the most well-organized school environment. Safety measures should be considered an important factor when building a school. There have been several cases where schools have had to face being closed down simply because they did not adhere to appropriate safety measures.

Safety, therefore, should be considered a top priority for every school. Putting in place safety measures should start from the inception of the school. It is prudent to fuse architecture with safety in order to save yourself the trouble of having to do it later. This should include installing railings around staircases and fitting proper school furniture.

 Schools should also consider installing a fire extinguisher in case of an outbreak of fire. Not installing a fire extinguisher is a serious breach of safety measure for any school. Electronics and wiring are all potential fire starters. You could be saving lives and properties simply by doing the right thing. Teachers are encouraged to switch off electrical appliances once they are not in use. Leaving electrical appliances on could cause fire to break out, therefore, teachers are encouraged to switch off electrical appliances and switches when they are not in use.

Furthermore, keep all exits clear of any obstacle that could cause a fall. It is important to keep all exits clear of chairs, tables and classroom decorations so as to prevent anyone from tripping over them. Every classroom should also have an entrance and exit. This measure should be part of the architectural design of the school. An entrance and exit makes it easy to avoid a stamped in case of a fire or an emergency evacuation.

 Ensure all students are familiar with the exit routes in case of emergency. Post a resource for evacuations in the room, such as a map detailing the specific classroom location and highlighting the various exit routes available. After all, the closest exit may be behind you. Schools should also consider clearing all weeds and regular fumigation to avoid reptile and insect invasions. Reptiles and insects are dangerous to the well-being of your students and teachers. It is important that the school environment is kept clean at all times.

Playground should be devoid of sharp objects such as nails and other metals which pose as potentially dangerous items to children. Swings and other play tools should be regularly maintained so as to prevent playground accidents.

School is an important part of a child’s life and they spend the majority of their time in that environment so it must be safe for every child.  

November 20, 2019

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