SEEKAPOR | an Educational Companion

The Seekapor system provides each school with a portal that allows them to notify interested parties of events and announcements while providing them with images in their gallery. A contact page is also provided as well as a place to tell the values and aspirations of the institution.


Good thing is that, the portal is managed and updated by the school administrator and they face no issues of domain expiration and back- end management issues. Moohey Ghana Limited ensures that the school’s portal is live at all times. With a login access, an administrator can easily, upload, edit and delete without hindrance.


The portal gives the school online presence to market and expose their worth to the rest of the world and essentially, add value to the institution. We are a phone call away, if you should need more information.


In addition to that, there is vital information for managers and school workers on this page. Take a minute to read some articles, pick a book from our collection of recommended books and grasp a thing or two for your walk with parents and students.



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