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I am amazed at the freedom some men feel in letting it all hang out. It is 5:30 pm. I got to work at 9am but I can swear that I saw about 6 penises on my way to work. Please note that I live just thirty minutes away from my office. On my way back home at 5:30, even though I was dozing off at the back of my Uber, I can swear again that I saw 4 penises; 10 in one day!

The straw that broke the camel’s back was when Osei, my driver for the trip said while pulling over, “madam please give me 2mins to piss”. I almost screamed at him not to dare but I composed myself and said, “Oh boss, me too I want to piss so park so we can all go and piss.”

Osei looked into his side mirror, his rearview mirror and then turned to look at me with a faint or rather, coy smile and said “Madam, the road is busy oh, people will see the thing. We are 4mins away from your destination so please keep it”. Is it that Osei and the many men I see freely urinating along roads and vigorously shaking their penises have faulty bladders and cannot hold on till they get to an appropriate place?

 Thankfully, Osei got the sense of it when I told him that it was wrong, improper and unhealthy for him to take a leak anywhere at all. He was also going to do the ‘vigorous shaking’ after and simply wipe his hand and come and drive away. Very likely, my hands may touch his while handing him his money and that is how I would carry a germ.

Some of these MEN (not little boys) pretend to be ashamed of the act by turning their backs to the road, others are just in a hurry and don’t mind the direction they face while at it.

The Managing Director of the British Toilet Association, Boyd- Martin says “It’s always anti-social, there’s no reason in the 21st Century we should have to do this. If you are making a journey you should be planning where and when you are going to stop – in restaurants, in hotels or in petrol stations. At the end of the day it’s about decency”. It is alarming to see policemen do it too.

But here are a few tips to follow to avoid this indecent act:

  • Urinate Before Leaving Home
  • Monitor your Fluid Intake
  • Do some Kegel Exercises
  • Get Support or See the Doctor for a Bladder check if you pee too often

Also, here are some tips on how to hold your pee when you cannot use the washroom immediately:

  • Reposition your Body
  • Pass Gas, if you have to
  • Stay Warm
  • Avoid shaking or jerking your body
  • Avoid thinking about water or rain
  • Minimize your intake of drinks when you want to pee
  • Think of a distraction.







November 16, 2017


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