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Signs of Sexual Abuse in Your Child

The subject of sexual abuse can be uncomfortable for some but it is a major issue that must be discussed openly.

If you are a parent or guardian, what do you look out for to know if your child is safe or a helpless victim of sexual abuse. Often, it is difficult for parents to see the signs until it is too late.

Here are ten pointers:

1. Gradual or sudden changes in behavior such as becoming isolated, introverted, fearful, agitated, or excessively crying and depressed.

2. Vaginal or rectal bleeding, pain, itching or swollen genitals.

3. Difficulty walking or sitting.

4. Sexual acting out or inappropriate and unexpected sexual play and talk.

5. Fear of a certain person or an intense dislike of being left somewhere or with someone

6. Trying to avoid a familiar adult or a change in behavior only around a specific person.

7. Difficulty learning in school, inability to concentrate or short attention span.

8. Unable to go to the bathroom or refuse to go; more likely around a particular person.

9. Reversion to a more infantile behavior (bed-wetting/thumb sucking/excessive Crying).

10. Nightmares and changes in eating habits.

May 10, 2019

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