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Six Important Roles of School Management Systems You Must Know

The roles of Educational Institutions are getting more complex day in day out and some institutions are missing some marks in their delivery. Again, parents are investing greatly in their wards education and need to be well informed about what goes on in their schools.

Also, there are many schools offering different things but there is one key thing that has caused great difference in the quality and delivery of education in some schools – A SCHOOL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (SMS)

A School Management System assists educational institutions to improve the system workings and increase productivity and overall environment with the control over different processes from one system at any location at any time.

 Schools are usually overloaded with the issue of data and reproducing it correctly and timely for students when needed. The SMS helps to manage data efficiently with 0% error rate. Efficiency and accuracy are significantly increased by using a School Management system such as the Seekapor SMS.

The Seekapor School Management System improves your school’s workflow without any loss of information. There are tons of benefits that comes with a School Management System. Let’s discuss some of them here:

  1. School owners or heads of schools get the full benefit of using the SMS. They can easily see everything from the eagle’s eye. They can also set permission to the different sections of the system for other staff. With proper access level distributions, they can make the most out of the access permission and keep valuable data secure.
  2. School owners or heads of schools can access student information at any time. They can change/correct vital information and monitor any abnormalities in data. Moreover, the authorities can easily contact the student, parents and teachers using the text messaging feature of the platform.
  3. School heads can have full control over the different facets of the educational institute including admission, fee management, payroll, assessment, attendance, communication etc.
  4. Students also benefit from the school management system. They can access academic records, attendance, announcements and other forms of information from the portal. The plethora of information makes student agile, productive and well-informed. This way, they don’t lose any vital class, exams or seminars announcements.
  5. Students, administrators, parents, teachers and anyone connected with the school administration get 24/7 access to information, from anywhere and anytime. The parents portal allows parents access to their wards fee history, class attendance, assessments, announcements and an inbuilt messaging system to talk to administrators.
  6. With an increased automation, paperwork is almost eliminated from the day-to-day work process. Reports can also be generated with the help of the reporting module easily and faster. Reports on the data in the system can help administrators and school authorities to learn more about how the organization works, create plans for the future and better manage the school.


From research, it is clear that the only way any school can operate to its strength in this age of technology, in order to make management easier, make information more accessible and enable everyone to be the part of the incredible ecosystem built around school management systems is to have one. The Seekapor School Management system is a boon in itself with a focus on making the management of educational institutions easier, user-friendly and prompt.


If you are looking for a solution/system for your school, you can check out or via mail at . We are focused on understanding the requirements of the school environment and delivering on the needs.


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July 30, 2018

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