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Healthy snacks are an important part of every child’s diet but, deciding on what snack to give to your child could be a tedious task. In the midst of varied snack options, it is important to settle on snacks that are nutritious and delicious for your child.

Plantain chips is a great snack option to consider to give your child. It is rich in iron, vitamins and fibre. It is also easy to prepare and does not take much time to fry.



Four fingers of semi-ripe/ unripe plantain (for 3 children)            

Vegetable oil (2 Cups of oil)

Salt (to taste)

First, wash and peel the plantain with a sharp knife.  It is advisable to do the peeling under running water or a bowl of water to prevent the liquid matter from the plantain from sticking to your fingers.

Place a frying pan on the stove to heat for a few minutes and then pour 2 cups of oil into the frying pan. Allow the oil to heat for 2 minutes while you proceed to slice your plantain into sizes.

While heating up your vegetable oil, slice the plantain into small sizes with a knife or a plantain chips slicer. It is recommended to cut with a plantain chips slicer because it gives the chips interesting shapes and sizes.

Sprinkle a little salt and proceed to scoop the plantain into the hot oil on the stove. Stir intermittently with a ladle for 5 minutes, until the plantain turns Golden brown.  Scoop the fried plantain into a colander to drain excess oil and allow the chips to cool for a few minutes.

Pour the chips into a zip lock bag before placing it in your child’s lunch bag. You could also add a bottle of fresh orange or pineapple juice (depends on personal preference)  to go with the chips.


January 29, 2020


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