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When I heard schools had officially closed until further notice as a result of the coronavirus, I was elated because it means my nieces and nephews will be home and I can send them on errands unending.

I felt the “cocoa season” for me to send them on numerous errands before they went back to school just fell on my lap. I usually send them on errands I could carry out myself in all honesty but I preferred to relax and watch them ‘serve’ me. After all, when they were younger, I did everything for them. It was now their turn.

However, upon second thought, I later realized I was doing them a great disservice.

Being at home under these unfortunate circumstances does not mean they should be away from their study time Although my nieces and nephews do not complain when running errands for me, I should not deprive them of their time of study.

It is every loved ones utmost desire to see their family members succeed at all they do – including their academic endeavours.

With their realization, I decided to do better and rather, help them use the time judiciously.


I have come up with a study guide for them where I avail myself to explain topics they find difficult, help with practice exercises etc. So after have eaten and cleaned up in the mornings, we spend about four hours studying after which they play for a while I prepare lunch.

 I noticed that their concentration has improved since I do not interrupt it with sometimes, needless errands.

Interrupting children while they study makes them lose focus and wears them out. Thus, as adults, the onus is on us to ensure they stay glued to their books and learning devices. Save the errands for weekends or after study periods.

Errands are not the only forms of disruptions – playing of loud music, watching movies, loud calls are other things that tend to draw the attention of children while at study and that explains why teachers do not do perform these functions during class hours. Since we have assumed the role of teachers for the period, we should live by some of these tenets to ensure the continuation of effective studies.

April 7, 2020


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