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Another weekend beckons and it is important for families to plan, spend time together and strengthen family bonds. Five out of seven days in the week, parents and their children spend majority of their day at the workplace and in school respectively, leaving only a few hours for proper interaction. This leaves most parents missing out on the little things happening in the lives of their children, which could have undesirable consequences.

What happens then, when you just cannot help but work to keep the family going? Parents therefore need to try and dedicate their weekends to their children. The following are some activities families can undertake to spend quality weekend time together.


Weekend visits to family and friends help children build relationships with close family and friends, while their parents catch up over what they might have missed over a period. Connecting with family makes children understand the relevance of family bonds and the need to be around people, essentially establishing a strong basis for their social lives. Getting children to understand the fundamentals of socialising begins from home. Families meet over lunch or dinner or organise outdoor events to spend time together.


Playing games with your children can create room for fun and healthy conversations. Parents and their children can play games together including computer games, sporting activities, educational games such as puzzles and word games. This can make children happy and comfortable around their parents. When children are comfortable around their parents, there is a likelihood that they can confide in them on things happening in their lives at home or in school. Spending time playing games with your kids can make you understand them better. Parents can also understand the mental agility of their children, their smartness level and their creativity when they play games with them. This is also an opportunity for parents to have conversations with their children.


Weekends are an amazing time to explore new things. You want to try a sitting room make-over, a new workout regimen, a DIY (Do It Yourself) project or even a new recipe? Invite your children to join. Children sometimes crave for time with their parents and this can be a way of spending time with them even when your chores are a little tight.  Trying new things is fun to children and adults alike, therefore it presents a time to learn, have fun and spend time together. Even though some activities may seem like difficult chores, they can become a fun and meaningful family activity when done in a team (parents and children). This is also important and helps kids learn new skills and develop their interest in activities such as cooking. This is another good time to talk about things that happened during the week and discuss new things which could be a blend of fun and education.


Children like learning new things in fun and exciting ways. This is how most teachers earn the trust of children. Why not spend an hour or two teaching them at home? This can be a revision of what they learnt in school during the week, what they will learn the following week or simply working on their homework together. You can assess how your children are doing in school when you try to teach them yourself. This is a positive way of adding value to their weekend. Learning can be fun and exciting when parents explore new and innovative ways of teaching their children.


You do not necessarily need to have a car to do this. It is easier when you have a car but if you don’t, you can improvise with public transport. Plan a visit to a tourist site or a shopping mall or visit a new town for a couple of hours, or even sleepover if you can. You can plan an inexpensive trip if you have a low budget. The most important thing is to achieve the outcome of spending time together and listening to your children. Sitting in a car to and from your destination can be a good time to have conversations. If you want to make it more fun, you can play music you all love on your journey. This helps you relax, connect and bond better. Travelling, meeting new people and exploring new places can make your child less timid and more exciting to be with.


Weekends do not have to be routine and boring. Due to no fault of yours, you may be unable to spend quality time with your kids. Try the above tips and you will see an improvement in the bond you share with your children.

November 17, 2017


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