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It is not uncommon for students to be under intense stress and pressure during the examination period. Although experts claim a little stress during examination can be a good thing because it could be a source of motivation for students. For some students, coping with stress can be challenging hence the need to learn tips on how to effectively manage stress.

According to the in their article titled Exam Stress: What Is It And How Can I Manage It? stress can cause students to suffer panic attacks, intense anxiety, sleeplessness, depression, fatigue and forgetfulness. This can negatively affect their level of performance and sense of well-being.

Almost every student at a point in time suffers examination stress. Even the most gifted students are equally at risk of falling under examination stress. Although examination stress cannot be totally eradicated, nonetheless it can be managed.

One’s ability to manage stress during the examination period can make a world of difference for any student.  The key is to learn to cope better with stress instead of allowing it to consume you to no end.

  • strictly recommends that to manage stress, students must have a plan of action in order to cope better with stress. They posit that a simple and very practical step is to develop a plan of action by preparing well and organizing one’s time and workloads. This will help address that “out-of-control feeling”. A second step is to begin to understand the physiological responses going on in your body and try to adjust them.
  • Practice breathing techniques when under panic attacks: Students can also occasionally take deep breaths when they feel they are under intense pressure or experience panic attacks. This will help them relax better and give them a sense of calmness.
  • It is also recommended to eat a healthy breakfast before an examination. Some students tend to skip food during examination. Skipping meals during examination will only make a student feel woozy or dizzy. Thus, it always advisable to eat in moderation before the start of any paper.
  • According to very, One of the healthiest ways to blow off steam is to get a regular exercise program going. Students can work exercise easily into their schedules by doing yoga in the morning, jogging or long walks in the evening.
  • Take breaks in between learning: It is also considered helpful when students take breaks between their studies. This helps them to relax and also digest what they have already learnt. Thus, students can occasionally take short breaks in between learning.

Hopefully, these few tips should be enough to help you cope better with any examination stress that may come your way this term. Seekapor wishes you the very best in your examination.




December 9, 2019


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