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  This week on social media, users woke up to the news of Facebook and Instagram banning the use of


The Minister of Communications, Mrs Ursula Owusu-Ekuful, has announced that Ghana would soon criminalize the sharing of inappropriate content on


The commission for Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) has partnered with iWatch Africa to fight corruption and human right


Women in Tech Africa, a four day festival of women in technology ended last week and it was an amazing


                                       MS GEEK COMPETITION LAUNCHED Ms Geek, a competition which seeks to empower girls to embrace ICT was launched by

Kubool and the Anonymous Message Craze

Many of you have noticed posts on Whatsapp statuses where people share links to answer questions anonymously. This has all

Is FaceApp Safe?

Eyebrows were raised lately when FaceApp developer Joshua Nozzi tweeted that FaceApp was uploading troves of photos from people’s smartphones

Want to Know About FaceApp and Why its Trending?

Just in case you sometimes wonder how you will look when you grow older, this might excite you. FaceApp, an

Uber Takes Support Services in Accra to the Next Level

Are you an Uber user in Accra? There is some exciting news for you. Uber Ghana has introduced support zones


A couple of weeks back, I woke up to find a WhatsApp Ban on my phone. Yes, temporarily banned for


Social media has quickly become an everyday activity in our lives. It is almost impossible to see an individual with


There are so many games on the internet you can download but how does one download a game that he

Important Technological Terms

Technology has become an essential part of our lives. Technology helps us to share information and ideas and plays a

The Tablet Computer Pulled by A Donkey

Back in 2016, mobile technology the like of which had not been seen before rolled into the remote community of

Another Three Billion Fake Profiles Removed

Facebook has published its latest “enforcement report“, which details how many posts and accounts it took action on between October

How Huawei’s Android loss Affects You

Restrictions have been placed on Huawei’s access to the Android operating system. This is likely to cast a long shadow

Methodist Girls’ SHS wins 2019 World ROBOFEST competition

An all girls team made up of students of Methodist Girls’ High School at Mamfe Akuapem in the Eastern Region

Facebook Bans “Inauthentic” Accounts That Target Africa

Facebook has removed hundreds of social media accounts and banned an Israeli firm due to “co-ordinated inauthentic behavior” mainly targeting

ICT Policy to be Reviewed by Government

The Ghana Digital Roadmap Conference is underway to review the Information and Communication Technology for Accelerated Development (ICT4AD) policy document.

Bolt Discloses Plan to Expand Services in Ghana

Formally known as Taxify, Bolt, the ride-sharing platform has revealed plans to extend its services to other regions of Ghana.

Viral Snapchat App Raises Abuse Concerns

Yolo – an app that lets anonymous questions be posed to Snapchat users – has become the most-downloaded iPhone app

Microsoft Word Introduces New Feature to Improve Writing

Microsoft has introduced a new feature in Microsoft’s Word to help improve writing. This is meant to improve writing beyond

Uber Passengers in Ghana Can Now Tip Drivers

Uber Ghana now allows passengers to tip drivers. The option to tip Uber drivers in Ghana has officially been updated

Passwords That Are Commonly Hacked Revealed

Is your password strong enough? If “123456” is your password, it may be time for a change. That was the unsurprising

Facebooks News Feed will Change to Prevent Fake News

To redefine authoritativeness on the internet as part of its efforts to fight the spread of misinformation and abuse on

Study finds that teens are ‘not damaged by screen time’

According to a study, screen time does not cause damage to teens. It suggests that there is little evidence of a

Facebook Won’t Delay Livestreams

Mark Zuckerberg pushed back against calls to delay livestream feeds to reduce the reach of troubling content. In an interview

Airtime Top Up Feature Through WhatsApp Launched in South Africa

MTN South Africa has launched a WhatsApp channel to let its customers have the ability to purchase airtime and data

Chad Restricted From Social Media for a Year

Activists in Chad are demanding that the government restore access to social media after it was cut off a year

Gmail’s iOS App Users Can Now Use Swipe Actions

With its latest update, Gmail’s iOS app finally lets you customize what happens when you swipe your emails. Five different actions are

Facebook and Instagram finally ban White Nationalism and White Separatism

Facebook and Instagram will finally ban white nationalism and white separatism on their networks in a move that will be

Don’t Change Your Twitter Birthday to 2007

A viral prank trying to get people to change their Twitter birthdays to 2007 is getting users locked out of

Google Maps to Let Users Create Public Events

Google Maps is being updated to let you create public events. The feature, which was first spotted by Android Police, works

Uber Lite- Uber Lauches lighter Version of App for Users

Uber has launched Uber Lite, a lighter version of its main app, which is aimed at emerging markets. Uber Lite has a

Is The End of Passwords On The Web Finally Here?

It looks like the days of using passwords on the web may be finally coming to an end. The World Wide

Blind users can now explore photos by touch with Microsoft’s Seeing AI

Microsoft’s  Seeing AI is an app that lets blind and limited-vision folks convert visual data into audio feedback, and it just got

Meet Tengai, The Job Interview Robot Who Won’t Judge You

The world’s first robot designed to carry out unbiased job interviews is being tested by Swedish recruiters. But can it

Taxify Has Re-branded- Transportation Platform Now Bolt

Taxify, the leading European on-demand transportation platform, is changing its name to Bolt and has introduced a new logo. Why

Uber ‘not criminally liable’ for self-driving death

Uber will not face criminal charges for a fatal crash involving one of its self-driving cars. Prosecutors have ruled that

Ashesi student builds drone using 3D printed parts

One of the most popular private universities in Ghana, Ashesi University, is supporting one of its students to construct a

Regional Winners In Annual Pan-African Startup Pitch Competition Announced

Five promising start-ups from across Africa have been chosen as regional winners in MEST Africa’s annual Pan-African pitch competition, moving

Young people warned over buying drugs via apps

Social media apps are increasingly likely to be used by young people to buy illegal drugs, research suggests. The study,

Facebook Ordered to Gather Less Data by Germany

Germany’s competition authority has told Facebook it can only continue gathering so much data about users from beyond its app

Children ‘afterthought’ for social media companies

England’s Children’s Commissioner, Anne Longfield, has said that children “remain an afterthought” for leading social media companies. And she has

Internal Documents Reveal That Facebook Ignored Kids’ Spending Problems

A trove of internal documents have revealed how Facebook was concerned children were spending large amounts on in-app payments without

WhatsApp restricts message-sharing to fight fake news

WhatsApp is limiting all its members to forwarding any single message up to five times in an effort to tackle

Dangerous and Harmful Pranks Banned on YouTube

YouTube clips that depict dangerous or emotionally distressing “pranks” have been banned from the platform. The move comes in response

Meet Ghana’s Youngest Female Pilot

At a very tender age, she already wanted to do something that will make her stand out. She grew up

Twitter Rolls Out New Features for Select Users

Twitter is starting to test new ways of displaying tweets, which will roll out as part of a beta program

Two Huawei Employees Demoted for Tweeting from iPhone

Chinese phone giant Huawei punished two employees for tweeting a New Year’s Day greeting from the company’s official Twitter account

What We Want From The Ghana Tech Ecosystem in 2019

The Ghana Tech Ecosystem, although small in stature compared to countries like Kenya and Nigeria, is steadily growing and has


Agriculture is one of the largest sectors of Ghana’s economy. Over the years, we have seen technology being used to

Google Photos doubles limit for Live Albums

The number of photos and videos you can store in a private Google Photos Live Album has increased from 10,000


Most startups and new companies seek to sell a product or render a service to its user base. Today on

Facebook starts rolling out “Your time on Facebook”

About four months ago, social networking giant Facebook announced its own version of the time tracking functionality that many companies

Nintendo Smashes its Rules for Gaming Vloggers

Nintendo has relaxed its rules for video-makers who share their gameplay on websites such as Twitch and YouTube. Unlike Microsoft

Tech In Ghana Conference Underway at Accra Digital Conference

The Tech in Ghana conference kicked off yesterday, 27th November at the Accra Digital Center and ends today 28th November. The Tech in Ghana


 Artificial Intelligence has over the years worked its way from just been a cliché buzzword in the media to become

Tumblr Removed From Apple App Store Over Images of Child Abuse

Tumblr has been removed from Apple’s app store because it let some users post images of child sexual abuse. The

Karmzah Released To Celebrate Creativity, Inclusion And Super Heroes

Farida Bedwei has always been celebrated in Ghana and beyond for her abilities in spite of her being abled differently. The

MiSafes’ Child-tracking Smartwatches are ‘Easy to Hack’

A location-tracking smartwatch worn by thousands of children has proven relatively easy to hack. A security researcher found the devices

Volkswagen now Lets Apple users Unlock their Car with Siri

Volkswagen is deepening its relationship with Apple on its VW Car-Net app. iOS users can now use Siri to lock and unlock their

Harassment victims at Google gain more power

Google employees will now be able to more freely speak out over issues of sexual harassment at the firm. Responding


All over the world in the field of electronics, Internet of Things(IoT) and having globally connected home and smart devices

Google AI Impact Challenge Open-Apply Now has issued an open call around the world for organisations to submit ideas to use AI to help address

Children’s Screen Time has Little Effect on Sleep, says study

The amount of time children spend on devices has little effect on how long they sleep, a study from Oxford

Kenyans Teaching Cars How to Drive Themselves

When Artificial Intelligence works as intended, Silicon Valley types often say it’s “like magic”. But it isn’t magic. It’s Brenda,

Eagles Delivery Service- A Reliable Delivery Startup in Ghana

Eagles Delivery Services is a courier service in Accra which makes sending and receiving your package easy and convenient. If

Facebook daily visits growth slows as sales miss forecasts

Facebook’s user growth has slowed and its revenue has missed forecasts, according to the firm’s latest results. An average of

Uber appeals against drivers’ rights to pay and holiday

A long-running case over the status of Uber drivers will be heard in the Court of Appeal on Tuesday and

Driverless cars: Who should die in a crash?

If forced to choose, who should a self-driving car kill in an unavoidable crash? Should the passengers in the vehicle


Ever missed a live show on your favourite radio station? Chances are, you have. Ghanaian Startup AF Radio seeks to

Facebook fined £500,000 for Cambridge Analytica scandal

Facebook has been fined £500,000 by the UK’s data protection watchdog for its role in the Cambridge Analytica data scandal.

Facebook Removes 8.7m Child Nudity Images in Three Months

Facebook has said that 8.7 million images of child nudity were removed by its moderators in just three months. The

Schools Must Have Policies on Sexual Violence

Schools in Ghana have been called on to come up with regulations and policies on sexual violence. According to Executive Director

‘Instagram Used More than Snapchat’ by Teens

Instagram has overtaken Snapchat as the most used social media app among US teens, according to a study. A total

iOS 12.1 Will Improve Selfie Quality on the iPhone XS and XR

Ever since the iPhone XS came out, there’s been criticism of its front camera — specifically, that it overly smooths

Online sellers ‘pay for positive reviews’

Some online sellers are offering people free goods in return for positive product reviews, an investigation by consumer group Which?

YouTube Was Down But Now it’s Back

YouTube experienced a major outage hours ago. Users across the world started to notice that the video service’s sites and

Social media – Mind your Language

When Naomi got an internship with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), she was obviously excited. That was an

Paul Allen: Microsoft co-founder and billionaire dies

Paul Allen, who co-founded Microsoft, has died aged 65 from complications of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. He had revealed the disease’s return

2018 Space Apps Challenge Ghana

The Space Apps Challenge Ghana is coming up this October. This is a 3-day Hackathon event that has become the

Snapchat adds selfie filters for cats

Snapchat’s augmented-reality selfie filters now work on cats, the photo-sharing app has announced. Previously, its facial-recognition technology could apply the

Facebook shuts down ‘spammy’ politics pages

Facebook has removed more than 800 pages and accounts that sought to profit from politically themed spam. In a blog,

mPharma- The Startup that Makes Medicine Accessible

If you are looking for a startup which makes prescription drugs in emerging markets accessible and affordable, check out mPharma.

Launch Of 2018 Africa Summit On Women And Girls In Technology

Over 250 of Africa’s leading technology innovators have gathered in Accra for the second Africa Summit on Women and Girls

Google+ to Shut Down

Google’s social network, Google+, is shutting down following a data breach. According to Engadget, a software vulnerability gave outside developers access

Tech Innovation Hub Set at Accra Digital Center

Government has set up a Tech Innovation Hub (Ghana Innovation Hub) through the Ministry of Communications. This is under the


Food app HOMECHOW has been launched to connect vendors to customers to help ease the demand they have for each

Google Translate now knows the difference between US and UK English and other dialects

Google Translate’s iPhone app now includes several regional options for speech input and output. This means that someone using the

Push for Social Media Guidelines for Young People

Medical experts have been told to draw up advice on the maximum amount of time young people should spend on

Video Game Companies Use Facial Recognition to Check Users’ Ages.

One of China's most popular video games is testing the use of facial recognition to check users' ages. Honour of

Are You One Of These Types? 10 Types of Riders You’ll Find In An Uber

Uber recently celebrated its 5th year anniversary in Africa. That’s major. For a brand that first launched operations in Africa in

International Forum on Internet Freedom Hosted in Accra

African countries have been encouraged to put in place robust Internet infrastructure to promote democratic governance. This call was made by the

Tablet computer ‘kills child’ in car crash

The death of a girl hit by a tablet computer in a car accident has raised concerns about the safety

Instagram co-founders Systrom and Krieger leaving Facebook-owned firm

The co-founders of photo-sharing giant Instagram, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, are both leaving the firm. Mr Systrom, chief executive,

YES! You Can Now Own a Dual-Sim Iphone.

Many smartphone users have for the past years used their mobile phones with two different sim cards in it to

Hot Take: DON’T Buy The New iPhone XS

Just like last year, I’m back again to tell you folks NOT to buy the new iPhone XS. Last year,


Earlier this month, Whatsapp which is used by more than 1.5 billion people worldwide as the go-to instant messaging platform

Nokia 7 plus wins Consumer Smartphone of the Year

nThe Nokia 7 plus has been selected as the Consumer Smartphone of the Year by the Expert Imaging and Sound

Facebook and Instagram add dashboards to help you manage your time on social apps

Facebook and Instagram are introducing a new dashboard to tell you how long you’ve spent inside their apps, along with

Android users more likely to be unlucky in love- Survey finds

There is an immeasurable number of factors that can determine whether someone finds you attractive or not, such as your

Uber Ghana Introduces Rider Call Back Line For Added Safety In Ghana

Uber Ghana officially announced its latest safety and security improvement: an Incident Response Team (IRT) call-back line. This updated support feature will provide

Instagram Introduces Online Status Indicator

If you thought you could get away without easily getting noticed on Instagram, that seems to be over. The social

Skype to Add Call Recording Feature Nearly 15 years After it Launched

Microsoft is finally adding call recording to Skype. Later this month, Skype will be updated to include built-in call recording.

Seedstars Is Coming Back To Find Accra’s Best Startup

Seedstars World is coming back to Accra. The 10 best startups from Accra will be invited to pitch in front of

Social media apps are ‘deliberately’ addictive to users

Silicon Valley insiders have revealed that social media companies are deliberately addicting users to their products for financial gain. This was

Ugandans Angry over Tax on Social Media

Ugandans have taken to Twitter to complain about the imposition of a 200 Uganda shilling $0.05, £0.04 tax on the

What is IGTV and Why Should You Care?

We’re in the digital age and media consumption is on the rise. Video sharing platforms like YouTube, Vimeo and Twitch

Instagram Launches ”Instagram Lite” For Emerging Markets

After introducing IGTV last week, Instagram is quietly opening up to the emerging markets by launching Instagram Lite – a slimmed down version of

“Man Must Chop” Animated Series Wins MTN Apps Challenge 5.0

“Man Must Chop” is a digitally animated series which follows the story of “Aluta“,  a character who tries to do

Instagram Star used Stock Photos to Deceive Followers and Brands

A popular Instagram photographer has apologized after being caught posting stock image library content and indicating it was his own

Instagram Announces an App for Watching Videos- IGTV

Instagram has announced IGTV, a standalone app for watching long-form vertical video. The app will also have a tab inside

Facebook ordered to explain a deleted profile

Facebook has been ordered by a UK high court judge to reveal who told it to delete the profile of

Ghanaian tech company invited for Startup bootcamp Africa 2018

Ghanaian tech company, Inclusive Financial Technology, is one of 22 tech startups invited for the 2018 edition of the Startupbootcamp

WhatsApp to launch payment system in India

WhatsApp, the biggest instant messaging platform in India, is set to launch a payment service later this month. Reports suggest

Blackberry sues Facebook in disagreement over app patents

Blackberry has filed a lawsuit in the US accusing Facebook of copying features from Blackberry Messenger in a violation of

Social Media resulting in childhood depression?

Rangan Chatterjee, a General Practitioner says he has seen plenty of evidence of the link between mental ill-health in youngsters

Facebook is ‘no place’ for young children- Experts

More than 100 child health experts are urging Facebook to withdraw an app aimed at children under 13. They wrote

Ghanaian woman encourages girls in STEM to become innovators in technology

Women advancing in  various areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) is uncommon in most parts of the world,

First Lady launches ‘Girls Can Code’ Project

First Lady Rebecca Akufo-Addo on Wednesday, 17th January 2018, launched a project dubbed “Girls Can Code” in Accra. The project

16-year-old Ghanaian Entrepreneur cashing in significantly on Bitcoin

A 16-year-old Senior High School student in Ghana, Elisha Owusu Akyaw has turned his fortunes into a huge one as


Photo firm Eastman Kodak has revealed plans to mint its own crypto-currency, the KodakCoin, leading to a rise in share


Almost a third of girls in their teens have been sexually harassed online by children their own age. This is


Facebook has launched its first app tailored for young users. The new Messenger for Kids creates an opportunity for children


Foxconn, a main supplier for Apple’s iPhone, says it has stopped interns from working illegal overtime at its factory in


To strengthen and improve teaching and learning of Science, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) from the basic level, President Akufo-Addo has


A teenager has been convicted of trying to import explosives from the dark web with intent to endanger life. Gurtej Singh Randhawa,


Ghana’s Deputy Communications Minister, George Andah has allayed fears by some Ghanaians that government is investing huge sums of money


It is National Cyber Security week and Ghana is marking the week from the 23rd to the 27th October 2017.


The Finance Ministry of Ghana has introduced a software to help curb the problem of unrealistic budgeting in undertaking government


It’s been a week since the launch of Ghana’s Digital Addressing System to help ease communication and make finding locations


Ghana’s digital addressing system has been launched with lots of Ghanaians looking forward it in anticipation of an easier means

AsaaseGPS To Deliver Digital Address System in Ghana

Ever thought of a digital address system in Ghana? Well, it is almost here. In the coming weeks, the digital

8 Startups, To Pitch For EUR 20,000 At HiiL Innovating Justice BoostCamp

Hiil in partnership with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ford Foundation is hosting start-ups who innovate justice/legal systems

iFlix Launches In Ghana

The world’s leading Subscription Video on Demand (SVoD) service for emerging markets, iFlix, has launched in Ghana. iFlix, is also

Shypmate, Now Envyl Bounces Back To Business

Since 2014, Shypmate has been a point of call for many Ghanaians who buy items from international retail stores such

Uber Starts Operations In Kumasi

The ‘long’ wait for Uber to extend its operations to other cities either than Accra is over. In the past


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