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Teenage Pregnancy: The Role Of The Teacher

Teenage pregnancy is defined as an unintended pregnancy during adolescence. Teenagers who are uneducated about sex are more likely to have unintended pregnancies and the reason is that they do not fully understand the biological and emotional aspects associated with having sex. This is the reason why it is important and timely for school teachers to consider incorporating awareness and prevention strategies with respect to teenage pregnancy, in their curriculum.

First and foremost, school teachers can serve as important parts of a comprehensive approach in the prevention of teenage pregnancy. Teachers could promote academic success, connectedness and self-worth, all of which have been shown to reduce high-risk behaviours among teens. It is also necessary for teachers to hold and lead discussions and debates on sex education in class. Similarly, they could include the implementation of comprehensive programs in their curriculum that include support, education, tutoring and recreation. The inclusion of these will encourage positive youth development and significantly help reduce unwanted pregnancies.

Also, teachers should make it a point to interact with parents on how to help children deal with sex curiosity, peer pressure and the stress that comes with adolescence. Having a good dialogue with parents and sharing resources with them can help to make them better informed on the importance of having conversations on early sex and its consequencies at an early stage with their kids, which will be absolutely beneficial. This is because the more teens know about the repercussions of unprotected sex and how to prevent them, the more likely they will be willing to wait until they are truly ready to take on the responsibility of raising a child.

January 26, 2018

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