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The Enemy of All- Exam


Undoubtedly, examinations pose a huge challenge to many students in Ghanaian educational institutions, especially in recent times. It is no secret that the period for writing any kind of examination has become one of nightmares for many students. Simply, some students can best be described as being exam-phobic. You may be wondering why that is the case, but it can be attributed to various factors including the fact that no two people are ever truly the same. However, one common reason that affects students’ performance across board in examinations is the fear of failure.

Failing to pass an exam is mostly blamed on inadequate preparations on the part of the student, lack of quality teachers and limited teaching and learning material. Although these may be valid reasons for which a student would fail an examination, we often take for granted the fact that self-doubt plays a role in why students sometimes fail exams. For instance, a student may be well prepared to write a paper but due to paranoia, he or she might end up second guessing what they have learnt and written, and in the end mess up answers which were correct to begin with.

Pressure and tension have a way of getting into people’s heads and ruining their confidence and clarity of mind. Students must therefore be calm and collected when preparing for examinations. Also, they must ensure that before examination season, they revise properly and are well equipped to tackle any question on the exam paper.



I am a victim of pressure and tension in the examination room because I begin to sweat and black out each time I have to write a paper, which affects my scores negativity. For this reason, I went for therapy and realised that confidence and calmness are key ways to tackle exams pressure and improve performance.

Therefore, whenever you have an examination coming up, be positive, believe in yourself, prepare adequately and avoid self doubt. That way, you will come out will flying colors.

July 5, 2019

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