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The Importance of the Study of English

The study of English as a subject is one that baffles the mind of many students. In their view, they can speak and read English correctly so why do they need to spend school hours studying the rules of it.

Again, one would have thought that since students claim to communicate in English daily, they should pass it with ease. But during exams, examiners complain of the abysmal performance of students of English.

This could be because of the complacency associated with the study of the subject. So first thing is this, English should be studied. There is usually a difference between what is spoken and what is read or studied. As a student of English, you need to pay attention to what is taught by your teacher and use that over the ones you think are correct, especially in formal contexts. ie in school essays and classwork. Slangs and jargons should be reserved for informal settings like social media platforms.

A student who takes his/her English lessons seriously will be a proficient and skilled user and this boosts his/her career prospects in future.


One also acquires the right skills to conduct business transactions, write and respond correctly to documents and communicate efficiently. One cannot underestimate the power of good communication.

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Technology, which has become a vital and significant aspect of our daily lives is most often programmed in English. To become a sharp developer, one needs to be good at the use of English to understand and interpret the language of most software programmes, which is English.

Again, till the argument on finding a local language to serve as Ghana’s official language is resolved, English remains the lingua franca of Ghana and should be learnt and applied accurately; not only for exam purposes but for the efficient delivery in the professions students wish to pursue. 

December 14, 2018

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