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Today, I watched my little niece and nephew dress up for their “our day” party at their school.   “Our day” is a party organized for students at the end of the year or term. Then, I remembered my own “our day” story and how it landed me in trouble. This story involves me depriving my teacher of his hard earned present for teaching me that academic year.

I was in class four and my mother had prepared my ‘’our day’’ basket containing a bowl of rice, two bottles of coke and candies for my friends. I was excited and couldn’t wait for daybreak to wear my beautiful dress and shoes, specifically bought for the day.

I was the first to wake up in the house that day, which shocked everyone including my mother.   Every morning, there was a re-enactment of World War 1 at my house because I will refuse to wake up or take my shower on time for school. I would usually lazy around doing absolutely nothing.

But on this special day, I woke up at 5:30, took my shower and got dressed without being yelled at by anyone. My mother was shocked at the speed which I finished dressing ready for the day.

I got to school and headed to my teacher’s table to give him his coke which my mother had asked that I give to him. The party started and we were asked to eat our food. I ate my rice and drank my coke hurriedly; in no time I was done eating.

After some time, I began to feel hungry again and didn’t have anything to eat.  The party had ended and it was time to go back home. I noticed my teacher had not drank his coke and had left the bottle on his desk. I thanked my stars and took the drink from my teacher’s table. I consumed the content and took the bottle back home to my mother.

When I got home, my mother asked if my teacher loved the drink when I presented it to him and I answered, yes. I narrated to my mother how my teacher seemed content and happy after consuming the bottle of coke.

Unfortunately for me, my mother met my teacher in town and he proceeded to apologize profusely to my mother for losing the coke bottle because someone had stolen the drink. He told her he didn’t get the chance to enjoy his drink and would replace the missing bottle later.

My mother came home and asked me to bring the cane from its usual hideout. I was given several strokes of the cane for lying, dishonesty and stealing. She carefully explained my offence to me while she struck me with the cane on my bum.

I learnt an interesting lesson about greed and contentment. I never did that again!





December 17, 2019


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