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The Parents’ Role In Making Reading A Habit For Children


The Parents' Role In Making Reading A Habit For Children

Reading refers to a complex cognitive process of decoding symbols in order to construct or derive meaning. It is a means of language acquisition, communication, and of sharing information and ideas. The process of reading is very important to the overall growth and development of an individual. The reason is that it equips an individual the necessary information he or she needs to go through the various phases of life. Simply put, for one to achieve incredible heights in life, he or she must be an avid reader. Every parent would like his or her ward to attain peaks and for this to happen, parents must help inculcate the habit of reading in the lives of their children. It is the joy of every parent to have intelligent children. The point is, as a parent, you have the power to give a boost to your children’s learning potential simply by making books an integral part of their lives.

The formative age of children is very crucial because during this time, the child picks up certain habits which reflect his or her personality later in life. It will be healthy for the child to pick up the habit of reading during his or her formative years. In order to help children in their journey of literacy, the parent can start by reading bedtime stories to their wards during their tender age. As the child grows, parents can help their children with their reading assignments, this even affords parents the opportunity to spend time and bond with their kids. Also, parents can cut the number of hours they allow their children to watch television. They should allow their children have access to television channels that are educative and promotes literacy in children. Moreover, parents should buy storybooks for their kids and also encourage them kids to borrow books from the library. They can keep track of their wards’ reading progress by making them write summaries of what they read and new words they learnt.

It is advisable for parents to take the reading progress of their children serious because reading sharpens imagination and creativity in children. It also exposes them to new things, new information, new ways to achieve things and new ways to solve problems. Most importantly, reading hones the child’s ability and skills to become a problem solver in his or her generation. Every parent must remember that the child who reads today can become an excellent leader tomorrow.

February 28, 2019

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