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“Take it or leave it? Pay or Go. That’s the best we can do for you”.
These words, in a discussion that means a lot to you, can break you.
On the airwaves today, we are given details of what some school authorities are telling parents and they border on this- Pay or Go.

 On the contrary, other parents are getting very supportive comments.
But generally, parents are agitated and so are school authorities and all stakeholders.

In listening to the arguments, it is clear that the schools that are providing value for the monies being charged are fine and although it’s difficult, are finding ways to pay the fees allocated.
The schools that are barely teaching and offering very little discounts are almost at loggerheads with their parents over fees.
The parents are saying, “They aren’t doing much for us and want to still charge 90% of the fees”?

Can both parties fight different?
Can the school justify the amounts by doing things better?
Can parents make recommendations to the schools too?

Can we still keep our students educated and use these times to fix the lapses in our educational sector?

This is how.
        1.      Get a School Management System. N.B: Prices have been slashed down considerably at
        2.      Communicate frequently with parents. Don’t get in touch with them only about money issues.
        3.      Provide them with feedback on assignments and lessons done so far.
        4.      Have a virtual negotiation system in place
        5.      Parents are stakeholders in the business so engage them regularly.

The world has lost enough lives this year to COVID-19, we can not afford to lose our future leaders as well.

If you need help to implement these policies and more, please talk to us. We are an educational consultancy with a good track record and we build educational I.T tools which include a School Management System that can be tailored to suit your school’s needs.
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August 11, 2020

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