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“There are some people who live in a dream world, and there are some who face reality; and then there are those who turn one into the other.”– Douglas H. Everett


When the year is drawing to an end, everyone is excited because new years present fresh opportunities to start anew.

New Year resolutions are set- vision boards are made, prayers are said, and goals are set- in readiness to do wonders. Dreams, they say, should scare us in order to keep us on our toes. True, but sometimes, they get so scary that we are even unable to make a move. Other times, we doubt them ourselves and our faith and hope even wavers. Then, even the sight of the beautifully written visions, pinned to our boards, folded nicely and placed under our pillows or in bibles or tucked into our purses and wallets  or the last pages of our notebooks, begin to bore us. We want to take them off, tear them, burn them or hide them. If you have strength to spare, you laugh at yourself for wondering how you believed that you could achieve a dream as huge as that.

Then, you remember that goals should be realistic and not set too high. What a conflict! Because you also know that you are to shoot for the moon because even if you miss, you will fall among the stars.


This is the predicament of some people at the moment; either through wrong choices, pressure, lack of planning or sheer hard luck. Whatever the case or cause, you are not alone. Do not give up, Try harder and keep pushing. An owner of a restaurant may have begun the business with a cup of rice and half fish, another may have started with a lump sum. Either way, without being told, all you see is two huge restaurants. Thus, it is the end that matters.

We have been brought up to be modest in our joys so we do not displease others who have not yet experienced our joys and anything contrary to this is seen as high-handedness or being bossy. In a like manner, we have been told to be discreet about our sorrows and pains. However, people have learnt the hard way that, “it is only when a sickness is sold that a solution is found” (Loosely translated Ghanaian proverb). Three friends gathered and one decided to open up about her issues concerning her job and others. Apparently, her friends were facing similar situations. They consoled each other, drafted plans and each one of them is successfully executing the strategies discussed.

In another instance, a person opened up to her parents about what she had been going through and she received overwhelming support. Having laid down what was on her chest to people she could trust, her goals, which seemed impossible earlier were even now looking too small.

Also, as they say, necessity is truly the mother of all inventions. At moments when we feel we have hit the rock and there is no way out, we are forced to think and go deep within ourselves .In no time, the answer smiles at us. That is how many companies, innovations and inventions have been born. Turn complains and agitation into action. Having said that, do not be afraid to move or to take fresh starts; do not stand at the door and be unproductive. To borrow the words of Tom Stoppard, “Look on every exist as being an entrance somewhere else” or “be an opener of words” as said by Emerson. Whatever it is, make an effort. Do not be stagnant.

Reconsider; transform; transmute; change; realign; or oscillate your mind from thinking that some goals are unachievable or some dreams cannot be implemented or that it is too late to achieve something significant. It is not late neither is it impossible. You can choose to be miserable because the days are running or choose to motivate yourself and make a move. Whatever has to be done, is always your choice.



Every day the sun rises and so long as it keeps doing that, we should keeping trying harder. Tomorrow is always a new day, and we all have a chance at a new beginning. Yesterday’s sadness doesn’t have to carry into today; the sunsets on the bad and rises with hope for a better day.




February 7, 2020


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