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  • If you love me, love me dearly and fiercely.

Love me with all the love there is in your heart; don’t give me half your heart.

  • Who are you keeping the other half for?

What did you say- You show me you do on my birthday and Valentine’s Day?

How? And what happens to the other 363 days?

Please love me every day of the year.

Yes, even when I am fast asleep, stroke my hair, kiss me, stay up and gaze at my beauty.

When you are talking to your mother or father, chip in how my meals are delicious and how much I have been a blessing to you.

You know those Friday outings you go to? Do not forget me in a hurry while having a beer. Let them know that I chose your shirt, selected your perfume and made sure you ate dinner before stepping out. Let them know.

In church, pat me, let’s walk hand –in- hand while I struggle to balance on my heels.  

When I intentionally leave some water on my body, grab the towel and clean it for me and let it end happily. Don’t grumble and frown.

Just love me every day and dearly.

  • Your friends will laugh at you?

How and Why?

This is what makes you a husband, my dear .You are not only a father; even with that I will send you the manual soon.

  • Forget about your friends who lost the manual or never had it at all.
  • Your family members too?

Forget them! They want to be loved too but cannot ask. As for me, I admit, I want love, I want affection, I want my emotions to be fed. Remember that glow I had in the pictures from our wedding?

I want that glow to remain on my face. I want to be commended by you when I am looking good and psychedelic. Don’t you know it’s because of you that I put in all that effort to make it happen? You should not ignore it.

And my dear, when I am jogging to trim my tummy fat, you should join me. You are growing a potbelly and I don’t like it too. Reduce the amount you spend on nurturing that tummy and let’s save it for our anniversary.

  • Girls will chase you?

That is what will make me know that I made a good choice. Don’t worry. I will be by your side to have and to hold. I will give you all my time and attention that there will be none for them. Let me remind you that we are not doing things half-heartedly. I will hold your corona so tight and well that no one will treat it as a doll.

  • Yes, this is how to be a husband.

On that note, my dear, it’s some few days to one of the days you have chosen to show love. Do your very best to make me happy but please as we enter the new year, love me fiercely and heartily every day of the year.









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November 29, 2017

4 responses on "THIS IS HOW TO LOVE A WOMAN"

  1. yooo, we hear. Can we please have what to expect from the fair sex so the love grows in leaps and bounds….

  2. Ooh! Yes , I will love you. But let us keep this Love financial costless, Ghanaian traditional way and Religious acceptance.

    • That is an interesting one Joa. It certainly depends on you and your partner’s values. If it works for both parties, the love will definitely flourish.

  3. Yes, we all wish we had a woman like this to love us and to seek our attention…
    Nowadays dier, the girls want our financial attention.
    Please u guys should hold a girl talk conference for ladies to know this.

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