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Thoughts Of A Ghanaian Teenager

The generations before us say education was tougher then. I beg to differ supposing theirs was actually tougher, at least it was a good educational system and worth it.

When I speak to my elders, boarding school was fun for them, you know? It was exciting. Of course there were ups and downs. But generally they didn’t mind going to school you see.

Many, and when I say many I mean many, of my mates think of quitting school. The system is draining and tiring if you are not strong-willed dropping out would be like ABC. I don’t see a break in senior high school. You are always on the move. The weekends aren’t even weekends they are just days which we don’t wear school uniforms. Many of my age mates are tired of the hustle, all that’s keeping us going is God, our parents, or the love of money. For me personally, what keeps me going is my goal. My goal is to live a purposeful life, live meaningfully. Make a mark, be someone. So it is never said that I roamed the earth. I like to believe God gave each and every homo sapien a task to fulfill before his time ends. So leaving the earth without achieving anything to the extent that lies need to be formulated for your tribute is what I want to avoid. I’m in school because knowledge is power and I need power to achieve my goal.

For accurate analysis I conducted a survey and its results show that 1 out of 5 girls are in school because she wants to be in school.

Akora Kweku Pianim once said “No one tells lies, everyone just has a different perspective.’ I took the research to mean, no one wants to go to school because they actually like it, and we go to school because we have to. Who said school can’t be fun? Why does our educational system have to be so rigid and boring? Our educational system is knowledge based and lacks practicality which is need in the real world. Even ICT, a practical subject is 90% of the time taught on the board or orally where the teacher expects you to become a computer literate because he drew the

Desktop on the board or because he taught you how to open Microsoft Excel by word of mouth. Times are changing and our systems need to evolve.

The Cambridge system worked way better and showed better results than our current GES system. No offense to Ghana for trying, but it’s not good enough. It needs to be restructured. Let’s take a pause. Why is it that lots of Ghanaians want to school abroad?  Why do companies operating in Ghana prefer applicants with foreign certificates? Because even we the natives do not see our local certificates to value much, how much more a foreigner. This is not about appreciating your nation. It’s about our nation improving. Why do our parents sweat and sacrifice to pay thousands of Cedis, as high as 32,000 just to give their children the Cambridge education, right here in Ghana. It’s not a matter of blowing cash. It’s simply because that education is worth way more. That should be our system. Children should be begging for GES not IGCSE.  It’s hard to want and appreciate what you don’t respect. Trust me I believe in Ghana. I do see its bright future. But I can’t tell if it’s still possible with this deep dark hole our educational system is digging. They say what an adult sees sitting a child can’t see standing on the tallest tree, who knows I may be wrong. But at least now my mind is free.


May 24, 2019

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  1. That’s my girl…….show them watch a made off….

  2. when i started i didn’t want to finish because i thought is just one of those things but you prove a point ,like you speak for the you speak for the voiceless

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