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Timidity In Children

Timidity simply refers to a situation whereby one is shy, nervous, without much confidence and easily frightened. While shyness is a personality trait that is determined by the unique way a person’s brain adjusts to the unfamiliar and can’t necessarily change, there are tools to coach the child to work on accepting new situations with a little more ease.

It is important to know that children and youth who are timid are often more intelligent than people know. They are often empathetic and are deeply caring; too often they don’t want to bother anyone by speaking out or taking action. Being timid can lead to avoidance of trying to accomplish things which in turn can lead to a loss of self-confidence or nothing to build self-confidence upon.

A timid child feels trapped and fears taking action. Such a child is quite overly sensitive to what others say or think about him or her. One way to combat timidity in a child is to provide support and encouragement as well as experiences that will give them self-confidence.

Timidity is a “venom that can suck life” out of the child especially when he or she grows into an adult. It can prevent one from venturing risk and this can stop him or her from achieving dreams. This is because a timid person may not try to take certain decisions or paths due to the fact that he or she is concerned about what others say.

April 25, 2018

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