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School reopened this week, as a teacher I can sense a general languorous feeling among the students in my class. I guess for most people it is pretty normal to feel this way after a long holiday of dilly-dallying at home during the festive season.

Thus, I am recommending a few tips to help students do away with this unproductive feeling that may not profit their academic life. It is important to note that these tips might work for some people and might not work for others. But it is worth a try to help students stay on top of their game this academic year.

These few tips can be twigged to suit one’s lifestyle regardless of their personality. In essence, one can add or remove depending on their personality. The most important thing is to know yourself and what works for you.

  • Set Daily Goals for yourself;  setting goals for ones’s self keeps a person on their toes. It helps one to stick to a progressive agenda towards a bigger goal.  I am not saying setting goals gets the job done. It only helps you to have a clear picture of what the day may look like.
  • Exercise at least 3 times a week; exercising has a way of keeping ones’s mind awake and one’s body energized.  It is recommended to stick to a simple exercise routine that is suitable for you. Don’t engage in strenuous exercise routines that will leave you rather tired. This will only defeat the purpose and may not help you in any way. The Goal is to stay energized and not wear out yourself.
  • Read Motivational books or quotes; a great man once said motivation is liking taking a bath, you need it every day to stay fresh.   I love motivational quotes and books. They keep me inspired and feeling I can do everything.  Encourage yourself daily with a few words of motivation to help keep your vim up! You can follow seekapor on all social media platforms to get a fresh load of motivational quotes each day.
  • Don’t skip meals; food helps to keep your energy up, thus, it is important not to skip meals. Always eat a balanced diet before you head to school every day.  Skipping meals could affect your concentration in class.
  • Get enough sleep; sometimes not getting enough sleep could affect your productivity during the day. it is recommended that one get’s at least seven to eight hours of sleep every day.

You can also share how you stay motivated throughout the school year in the comment section so others can also learn.

January 9, 2020


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