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Tips to Make Bed Time Easier

Tips To Make Bed Time Easier

Sleep is essential for the growth, development and efficiency of everyone. Children who sleep less or are sleep deprived are generally less attentive, easily stressed, easier to fall sick, have bad moods and perform poorly in school.

To curb this problem, it is necessary to pay attention to the following:

Food and Drink Consumption: Large portions of food can make it difficult for children to sleep. Make sure to let them eat about 5 hours before bedtime so food can digest. Make sure they stay away from caffeine (the danger caffeine poses in a child will be discussed later) at least 5 hours before bedtime.

Peace and Quiet: The child needs peace and quiet in order to sleep. Avoid stimulating activities after dinner. This is not the time to play actively with them. Sing calm songs with them, play music or talk about their day with them.

Advance notice before bed time: It will also be good to give them advance notice that bedtime is approaching. This puts the child in the right mind set and prepares them for bed.

Making their room cosy: Making their room a place of comfort, joy and relaxation will make them want to spend time there. Studies have shown that children who have televisions and computers in their rooms do not get enough sleep.

Keeping Computers and Televisions during bed time: An Academy of Paediatrics report assets that adolescents who use the computer or watch television late into the night are able to stay up late because they have taken in caffeinated beverages. It’s best to remove televisions and computers especially from their rooms or set a turn-off time and avoid caffeinated drinks especially before bedtime.

Develop Night Time Rituals: Night time rituals can also help children sleep early. These rituals include telling of stories, reading cuddling, turning off lights and singing. These set the mood and shows the child the value of reading.



January 14, 2019

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