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Children grow faster than we think;  today they are toddlers, tomorrow they are adults. Thus, as parents, it is very important that you prepare them daily for adulthood. While doing this, parents should have in mind that it is their children who are going to make the world a better place and prepare them accordingly.  Have you started preparing your children for the real world already?

How are you preparing them to face the world at a time when you are no more able to hold their hands through it all? 

It is ok to shield them from the real world when they are at a certain age. However, once they become teens we must start preparing them for the real world.

As they grow older they are going to have to deal with personal tragedy, face impossible odds and navigate through relationships. Their ability to navigate through these issues is going to be the key to surviving a world of diverse personalities.

TEACH YOUR CHILD TO BE SELF RELIANT: It is ok to rely on others sometimes because we don’t know it or have it all. However, it is crucial you teach your child to understand the importance of not overly depending on others.  They should be able to do things for themselves when they can.

HARD WORK PAYS ALL THE TIME: It is also important your child knows hard work pays all the time and an easy route sometimes leads to a disastrous end. Nothing is accomplished without hard work, dedication and commitment. While hard work pays, they should also learn to work smart. Learning to work smart saves loads of time and energy.

TEACH THEM TO INVEST IN THEMSELVES: An investment in one’s self is never a waste. It is important to also teach your child to invest in themselves at all times.  These include acquiring the requisite education to survive on the job market or continuous learning of desirable skills.

TEACH THEM THE ACT OF SAVING: Teach them the act of saving by encouraging them to put aside a portion of their daily allowance. Acquire for your child,  a small piggy bank they can place by their bedside. Most adults struggle to make ends meet because they lack the act of saving. Therefore teach your child the importance of putting away money for future use.

The onus lies on you to teach your child all these things in order to groom them for them adulthood!

November 18, 2019


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