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To Be An Actuary Is To Be Full Of Life


Actuarial Science, one of the best disciplines in existence involves using statistical methods and mathematics to predict uncertainties and manage risks.


I heard about Actuarial Science in my final year in Senior High School. I didn’t know what I wanted to pursue after SHS but I knew what I didn’t want to. I was never a fan of Biology so I knew courses like Medicine, Nursing and Pharmacy were out. I spoke to one of the counsellors in school who mentioned Actuarial Science to me. I liked the name so I decided to tell my parents about it. They agreed and voila!… I chose to do it.


I’ld choose Actuarial Science over and over again if I had the chance to because I enjoy Maths. I’ld rather stay up late cracking my brains over a Maths problem than be induced to sleep when I pick a book to read. Besides, it promises a great deal of money in the near future… *wink*


With Actuarial Science, I can work anywhere that deals with statistics, figures and risks… especially in insurance companies. In fact, there are risks everywhere so I can work anywhere.


It feels great being on the path to helping the world handle uncertainties while making a chunk of money at the same time!

November 14, 2019

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