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To Listen Better

To Listen Better


Try to ward off distractions so you can listen more, fully and better. Some of these distractions may include the radio, television or a noisy area. It will be more appropriate to move to a quieter area while speaking to or with someone.

Listen with a Purpose:

Identify why you are listening. For example, are you listening to a friend’s problem to give a solution, listening to give your view or express your feelings? Whatever it is, you need to identify your reason in order to respond appropriately.

Be Positive:

Assuming a positive attitude before someone speaks to you will motivate you to listen better and even remember what the person says.

Make Eye Contact:

Look the speaker in the eye, and keep your expression open and interested.

Control Your Emotions:

If the speaker’s message affects you emotionally, try to stay calm and listen and then present your views.

Don’t Interrupt:

Let the person who is speaking finish speaking at his or her own pace.

August 27, 2019

2 responses on "To Listen Better"

  1. Well said-Most of us especially students do not know this and it even affects listening in class which draws attention from the teacher’s speech.

  2. This is very useful. Thank you seekapor.

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