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God has promised forgiveness to your repentance, but He has not promised tomorrow to your procrastination.”
― St. Augustine of Hippo

Procrastinating was one of the many habits I had to break. It is a terrible work ethic born out of laziness. The man who once said Procrastination is the thief of time like me must have lost something of value to procrastinating.

I was the type of student who will put learning until last minute when exams were about to start to begin learning. Initially, it worked for me and I even fancied myself a clever student. I guess that was because in junior class the workload was little and very easy to manage.

Everything changed when I got to senior class and was about to write my BECE exams. It was almost Christmas and school was about to break for the holidays. Most people I knew were studying hard for the exams whiles I spent my time galavanting and engaging in frivolities.

I said to myself there is always tomorrow and I will start studying once the Christmas is over and  I had finished chewing my chicken. How am I suppose to chew my Christmas chicken whilst thinking about my exams?

Soon the festive periods were over and we were back in school again; as usual, I put off learning for another month. I said to myself there is always tomorrow to pick up learning. Most of my friends spent time in group studies discussing past questions whilst I spent my time doing nothing.

After some time I started feeling anxious and afraid because I knew I had underestimated the amount of school work I have to cover if I want to make the required grade to go to secondary school.

I knew I had lost all my time to procrastinating and I was far behind time for my exams. I started studying hard every day but I had very little time left to learn anything. Eventually, I broke the habit by putting things I needed to do immediately first. It wasn’t instant, it took me years to overcome the habit.

I started rushing through topics that I should have spent copious amount of time studying. I even regretted chewing my Christmas chicken when I should have been studying. In end, I made the grade alright but it I didn’t get the grade I had desired to get. I knew if I had put in the extra work I would have done far better than I did.

The festive season is around the corner and most of you are already in the Christmas mood. There is no harm in enjoying the Christmas period but do so with your books in hand. Don’t spend all your time on Christmas events that will always be there even after the BECE.

The strategy is to spend a lot of time learning for your exams and little time on other things. Whiles, you are on holiday spend some amount of time studying as well. Balance your time well so you can enjoy as well. You can also visit www.seekaporcom/apor/ to solve past questions to test your speed and preparedness. Learn to manage your time because you have not been promised tomorrow for your procrastination.



November 26, 2019


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