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Schools have resumed and this time of the academic year is very crucial to parents, teachers and students. This is particularly because students especially children need to be psyched to get back into the academic environment after a long break away from school. As much as this is mainly about the student, a lot of the responsibility to get kids back into the mood to study, largely dwells on the parents and the teacher. Here are a few ways parents can get their wards geared up and ready for the new term. 

Start going to bed early

After some of weeks of allowing kids to go to bed a little later than their bed time, it is important for parents to ensure that they resume their normal sleeping routine (go to bed early and wake up early) to make it up early and refreshed for school the next morning. It is common for children to be given extended hours to watch TV during the holiday period, therefore it is prudent to make the child understand that it is vital for their body and mind to rest in order to wake up early the next morning and prepare for school. This is also crucial  because it helps increase children’s concentration in class and prevents them from falling asleep since they would have had enough rest the night before.

Revise the previous term’s notes with them

If you haven’t done this with your child yet, it is certainly not too late to do so. Preparing the child’s mind for the academic year ahead is as important to their ability to engage and enjoy the learning process. This helps them prepare to learn from where they stopped the previous term. You can do this by revising with your ward their notes from the previous term to help prepare them for the task ahead. It is also preferable if you can prepare them for what they have to study in the new term. This gives them the chance to appreciate and embrace what the new term brings. Teaching the child must not be limited to the classroom and should not be made solely the task of a teacher.

Purchase school supplies

As much as this is a time to spend money which most parents dread, parents need to ensure that their wards have all the necessary supplies they need to keep up with school work. Text and exercise books, pencils, pens, color pencils, mathematical sets, erasers, crayons and a lot more are all part of the things your ward might need for school. Typically, the school gives parents a list of the specific school supplies needed for the academic year. Make sure your child has all he/she needs for school and also, do not forget to ensure that they carry these supplies along to school anytime they need to use them.

Maintain a good relationship with your child’s school/teacher

As a parent, you need constant feedback from your ward’s school or teacher on the things happening around your ward. Having a good relationship with your child’s teacher is a great way to track progress of your child’s academic performance and also ensure they are given maximum attention. This can go a long way to benefit your child’s stay in school and help improve their performance and social life. It is easier to get constant and honest feedback from the teacher when you harness a positive relationship with them. This can also make school more enjoyable for your ward, especially if they are given extra care and attention.

How are you preparing your child for the new term? Share with us in the comments section below.

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January 8, 2018


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